On your own reach your life goals

Are you someone looking for a specific service that'll help you reach your goal? Do you have a list of goals you've set for yourself and only need the exact specific service to help you reach them?


Our vision is to make it simple for you to reach your life goals. Hence, we've included this option 'On your own' This is ideal for you, if you're looking for a specific service and you don't need a dedicated life coach to guide you in your journey towards your goals.


​This is an independent goal-centric service provided by our third party service providers. We've partnered with certain service providers who provide you those services that can help you achieve what you want.


Even though these services are provided by third parties, we've done our due diligence and ensured proper quality checks, and only after thorough process of vetting we've partnered with each of these service providers.

Please note:

Only our goal-centric services are locally offered (Bangalore only)

Our coaching subscriptions are available to all (online).

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