Action- Ables, is based on the philosophy that to get results one has to take massive action.


Most people feel unsure and uncertain about taking action towards their goals. It can certainly be overwhelming and scary to go after what you want. This podcast helps you build your confidence muscle while providing you action strategies.


Every episode is packed with into doable practical steps that can empower you life, work and relationships.


It’s hosted by our very own, CEO- Paden Bhutia. Every Thursday, she brings you a brand new episode that can enable you to truly transform your life by taking action.


Paden, is a certified performance life coach and has dedicated several years to learn strategies that have helped her build a successful life for herself. She’s dedicated to serve people to empower them to take action in their lives. She coaches several clients on a one-on-one basis and is known to get tangible results. You can follow her on Action-Ables blog at



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