5 Questions You Need to Ask Before You Hire a Life Coach

With New Year just around the corner, are you thinking about setting New Year resolutions?

How about prioritising your goals?

If yes, it maybe a good time to consider working with a life coach.

However, to be 100% sure, and in order to be confident in the life coaching approach, let us help you put your mind at ease with some important questions that you have to ask yourself before hiring a life coach.

Do I really need a life coach?

No, you don’t need a life coach. You’ve been doing fine so far and chances are you’ll be doing just as well in the future. The question really is whether you want to live to the best of your ability and accomplish all that you can, instead of just living day-by-day, in a monotonous rut.

The second question is whether you need outside help to be able to unlock your true potential.

If you think you’re doing fine and you’re capable of taking control of your life and goals without outside guidance, then great! However, if you feel stuck and in need of advice or some direction to accomplish even the smallest of goals, then a life coach can certainly help. You'll know if you need a life coach, if you've been trying to get results but haven't been able to on your own.

Am I open to learning? / Am I coachable?

Not everyone is open to new ideas and approaches, and sometimes it can be very hard to admit our weaknesses. This is especially hard in a country like India where there is so much interference from our families, friends and relatives. There’s a stigma attached to the concept of seeking outside help – whether it’s from a therapist or in this case, a life coach. We’re here to tell you just one thing – do what you feel is right. Because, in situations like these, all that matters is your own opinion.

The second aspect of this is whether you are open to new experiences as well as someone telling you to break the mould and embrace things differently. If you have a hard time dealing with change, life coaching might not be an ideal choice for you at the moment. However, if you are feeling a wee bit adventurous at any point in the future, we advise you to take that leap of faith.

Am I ready to change and take action?

Understanding yourself and realising that it might be time to seek help is the foremost step towards self-growth and self-improvement. Starting from scratch can never be an easy mindset to be in, but if you’re willing to put in the sweat and effort, nothing can stop you from achieving your ultimate goal.

With the willingness to work toward your goals and the helping hand of a life coach, you can reach your goals. A life coach will act as your guide and mentor, only, if you're willing to be coachable.

What results do I want from working with a coach?

Different people may require the assistance of a life coach to help with different aspects of their life. It can be confusing to figure out which part of your life you need coaching for.

Sometimes, different aspects of your life might overlap and in such a case, a lot of confusion may develop. To tackle such a situation, take some time to mull things over and jot down your problem areas.

Once you’re clear about what part of your life needs coaching, you can proceed to seek the help of a coach. A life coach can ensure better results if you have clarity on your goals and issues. Ask yourself – ‘what is the end result of coaching I’m looking for?’

Am I willing to make a monthly financial commitment?

Using the services of a life coach will require some financial commitment from your end. Most reputed life coaches or life coaching agencies work on a monthly, quarterly or annual subscription basis.

The sessions that a life coach takes will become fairly intensive as time progresses. You need to ask yourself whether you're ready to invest a certain amount of money towards coaching. Ask yourself – "Can I invest in a life coach in my current financial situation?, Will I able to invest a substantial amount of my time in a life coach? What if I change my mind halfway through my subscription? How do I know how many hours of life coaching I need? How do I know I’m not being taken for a ride? "

The answer to all these questions is research. The internet will give you all the answers you need. But you will also need to use your own good judgement to filter the hacks from the genuine life coaches/life coaching agencies.

Finally, what you need is time. Take all the time you need to decide with your friends, family members, significant other and most importantly yourself whether you're willing to move toward your goals.

Here's one last example: When we are sick, we go to the doctor. When you're convinced you don't want to guess what to do, and want concrete results, a life coach is someone who can help you out.

The choice is yours. Your goals deserve you give them a fighting chance. With a life coach you only increase the chances of reaching your goals.

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