How to be Consistent in Life- 5 Tried and Tested Steps

Updated: Oct 17

Let’s say you want to do something, you say you’re going to do it and you actually go ahead and do it. That sounds amazing, right?

However, the catch is that it doesn’t happen often. Why? Because pursuing goals is extremely difficult. 

What makes it so difficult to pursue goals is the problem of staying consistent. But just like every problem has a solution so does this one.

So if you want to stay consistent with anything in life then this episode is meant for you, so stick around.

Hi and welcome back to another episode of Up It and the Action-Ables episode. This is Paden. If you’re new here welcome, if you’re a returning viewer or listener thank you for tuning back in. 

I remember two years back I was starting to put on some serious weight and obviously I wanted to lose that weight so I would vow to myself that I would not eat my favorite foods. Foods such as pastas and burgers and pizzas and I would try to eat only vegetables and no carbs diet low carb diet and that lasted exactly a couple of days and then I would be like you know I need to get back to my carbs because I'm working so hard, I have so much work clients and you know how the story goes.

Result: I found it extremely difficult to loose the weight I was stressed out which caused me to indulge in some more stress eating basically a vicious cycle.

Fast forward to this year with this whole pandemic and lockdown situation I found myself again consumed with the idea of getting healthy and losing some serious weight so this time I decided to do things differently. Instead of just thinking about losing weight and going on and off on diet.

I decided to apply all the performance coaching tools that I teach others because if I can't practice what I teach what's the point right?

So while I was trying to lose some serious weight, (I have more of that later). Here are five things that I learned how to stay consistent with either losing weight or anything else that you want to do for yourself.

Step number one, is when I decided to move from a should to a must

For a long time I kept telling myself that I should lose weight I should eat healthy I should work out but when I decided that it was time to make it a freaking absolute must in my life to get healthy when I made it a priority guess what happened?

We call it a breakthrough in coaching, that's what happened to me when I decided that I am no longer going to just want to get healthy but I'm going to make it an absolute priority. My actions started lining up I started eating healthier I started working out wisely and that's what happens when you move from a Should to a Must.

Yes you should work out, yes you should be healthy, yes you should pursue whatever that you want to pursue. However the key to staying consistent step number one is when you make it an absolute must when you make it an absolute priority in your life.

Step number two is to create that action plan for whatever you're trying to pursue. So I decided to create an action plan now it was one of those things like one of those light bulb moments that I had where I realised that what I do for a living and I've built this whole company around this one simple idea that for everything, that any goal that you want to achieve in life you need to create a strategy and this is what I teach and coach people.

I really had a revelation when I realised that I wasn't doing that when it came to my own health and which is why no wonder I was finding it's so difficult to stay consistent

So I decided to create a strategy to break it down and once I cracked my game plan guess what happened yes you guessed it right it became so much simpler to take action because without planning we are actually setting ourselves to fail in whatever we are trying to pursue.   

Step number three is I realised that I have to keep my feelings out of it. I realised that if I was serious about losing the weight then I would have to do everything within my ability to lose the weight and the trick is to  actually have fun with it.

Did I have to like it no but the trick. I realised that it does get certainly easier if I learn to enjoy it. stay consistent with something but you're finding it extremely difficult to. take the action even though you're committed just simply keep your feelings out of it you don't have to like it but if you can. find a workaround and if you can learn to enjoy it. it does get simpler.  

Step number four to staying consistent is to take daily action now the kind of action you take also matters it cannot be some random action of course you have to take action that  actually moves you toward your goals so in my case with my weight loss goals it was about right eating right every  single day. How I got over the concept of cheat days and actually started eating and enjoying getting healthier was a journey in itself.

For you with whatever you're trying to achieve  figure out what is it that you need to do  on a daily basis and go ahead and do it no excuses  because if you can take action every single day  then you can win and be consistent because it is all about staying consistent one day at a time.

And the last one is I decided to get expertise aka get coached.

Now with whatever you want  to do in life there are really only two ways to go ahead and do it one is you can try to figure it out by yourself or second you can hire somebody who has already walked the walk or whatever you are trying to achieve  because success means clues after having tried almost everything and not figuring out zilch I decided to get coached by my coach aka mr superman (Songashim Rungsung) and check this video out if you haven't already done that.

I can honestly tell you that there are days  when I think it is insane absolute madness to train with him so the result of my journey has been  thus far that the weight that I was not able to  lose in over two years i've been able to lose  above five kgs in the last three months alone  which I credit to all these five things which i took you through because I honestly believe all these things can help you stay consistent with your goals.

So let me know in the comments below if this helped and what you are trying to do to stay  consistent with your goals.

If you'd like to get in touch with me you can hit me up on social. My handle on Instagram is  @padenslife

If you'd like more resources that can help you move toward  your goals then check out the link mentioned in the description below  I will see you next week and remember what you want matters  and it's really up to you to make it happen.

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