5 Subtle Signs You are Progressing. Check for these Signs!

Updated: Oct 17

Sometimes when we’re doing everything and we’re not able to see the results immediately it can make us question whether what we’re doing is working.

So if that’s you and if you’re wondering whether you’re progressing toward your goals then you may want to stay tuned because we’re discussing 5 subtle signs that show that you’re progressing toward your goals. So keep it locked.

Hi and welcome back to Up It and the Action-Ables podcast. If you’re a returning viewer or a listener thank you so much for tuning back in. If you are new here, welcome my name is Paden.

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Before getting into it. If you're currently already working on your goals or even thinking about starting toward them then that in itself is a huge step which you should take a moment and acknowledge yourself for. So go ahead and give yourself a pat on your shoulder I’ll wait. Okay I hope you did that!

When it comes to pursuing goals in this instant gratification culture that we live in it can be extremely difficult because we expect and get results at the click of a button. So when it comes to pursuing goals we can expect the same thing.

But that isn’t the case.

We don’t get results immediately as soon as we put in effort not for a very long time.

So in retrospect when I think about our own company Up It, for a very long time we did not make any money, like there was no income and there were no visible signs ‘financial success’.

Now the reason why I’m sharing this with you is because I’ve made a few notes of what signs to look out when you’re pursuing your goals, when you’re putting in all the hard work but you’re not seeing any results.

That is the step where a lot of people give up because it can be extremely frustrating when you put in all the work but you’re not seeing any signs. So how do you know? That is what we’re tackling in this episode.

Now these things can really help you if you choose to apply them.

Now starting toward a goal is undoubtedly really difficult but what is even more challenging and difficult is to stay on track because after sometime after putting in a little bit of effort one can start expecting to see results and they may start judging their journey and start expecting to see results really soon and when they don’t see those results it can be extremely disappointing and this is where a lot of people give up pursuing their goals altogether.

So we set a goal and this is what we expect it will look like.

We make some effort, take some action and it should equal to the result we hoped for.

But that’s not what happens. Usually this is what it looks like in reality.

We set a goal, we take some action (hopefully,) we have lots of self doubt about whether it’ll work, we have our insecurities, we take a step forward we take two steps back, circle around and while we do all of this we wonder if we’re making any progress at all!

So it is in this stage of questioning whether you’re moving toward your goals or not, is when you have to use all the faculties of your mind to intentionally look out for signs that can show you whether what you’re doing whether you’re progressing toward your goals or not.

So here are 5 subtle signs that can show you if you’re progressing toward your goals or not.

  1. If you’re enjoying yourself while you’re taking action

Now moving toward your goals and doing the necessary things to pursue and reach your goals is by far the hardest thing that anyone will ever do in their life.

But if you seem to be enjoying yourself doing all that is necessary most of the times then that is a key indicator that you’re on the right track because in the long run it’s not the final outcome that matters so much as whether you’re bringing joy to what you’re doing, with what you’re doing and with what you’re trying to achieve.

2. If you’re less concerned about what people have to say about you and your goals

Let’s be honest most of the times our reaction is quite extreme when it comes to people’s praises or criticisms. We take both their praises and their criticisms a little too seriously.

So if you’re just working on what matters to you and you’re unfazed by what others are saying about you and your goals then my friend you are on the right track.

The third sign is that if you’ve stopped comparing yourself with others

Let’s face it we all have done that at some point in time. We’ve compared ourselves, our self worth even with someone else’s life.

But if you find yourself that currently while you’re pursuing this goal of yours you’re no longer in competition with someone else’s standards and you have your own then it’s time for a happy dance because that is a huge sign that you are progressing toward your goals.

The fourth sign that you’re making progress is if you find yourself pausing often and reflecting on your own actions.

Even though we’re practically at home right now, thanks to the virus, we’ve still managed to find new ways of being busy.

Since busy and the hustle culture is something most of us have bought into because being busy means being productive but that isn’t the case and in this craziness if you find yourself unpacking questions about about what you’re doing, what you’re trying to achieve, the difference and the impact you’re trying to make then that alone should tell you and affirm to you that you’re on the right track!

And the fifth sign that you’re making progress is if you’re constantly seeking for signs

Such as watching this video or listening to this podcast. If you constantly find yourself looking for universal proof to tell you or give you an indication that you’re on the right track then that is the biggest proof all that you are making progress because sometimes what we are seeking is also seeking us. Wow that was deep kinda, no?

So those were the five signs that should tell you that you are making progress toward your goals even though you are not able to see any physical proof of that just yet.

This only affirms to you that you should continue on your journey and keep doing what you’re doing.

In order to help you you get more clarity with your goals, we’ve created a goals worksheet for you. Be sure to download your free worksheet from the link mentioned below.

And that’s my time, thank you for watching or listening. I appreciate you watching till here and also for doing the work for moving toward your goals. I’ll see you next well.

Don’t forget what you want matters and it’s really up to you to make it happen! I’ll talk to you soon. See ya!

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