7 Ways How You Can Bust the Myth of Not Having Enough Time

We've all used 'not having enough time' as an excuse to get out of things we don’t want to do, and often to get out of things we want to do but are too lazy, scared, distracted or nervous (among other things) to do.

The truth is, we’re either bad at managing time, or on a subconscious level, we tell ourselves that we’re pressed for time because we’re scared of failing.

Let’s look at some ways in which you can keep your job, eat well, indulge in a hobby, and get a good night’s sleep by tweaking your lifestyle, without the feeling of not having enough time.

· Prioritise yourself

If you wish to make some important and positive changes in your life, you will first have to learn to prioritise yourself. This is not going to be an easy task, given that you’re probably multitasking a lot in one day already.

However, remember that you will only be able to make time for yourself, if you think you’re worth it, and have enough faith in yourself to accomplish what you’ve set out to accomplish.

· Limit distractions

Now, this might be way harder than it sounds, especially today, when there’s way too much to be distracted by and way too much to lose our focus over.

So, instead of going cold turkey, limit your time on social media, and on binging to Netflix. Instead, read a few pages of a book; listen to an audiobook, do a little exercise or play a sport.

Try to do things that help you grow as a person. Think of it as investing time in yourself.

· Start with holidays

It’s tempting to spend your weekends or holidays lazing around in bed, and watching movies all day. Before you know it, it’s time to get back to work. Make a conscious effort to break unhealthy habits.

You could start with one weekend. Instead of doing the 'weekend routine' of getting up late and lazing around, how about you go for a short walk around your block, or anything you've been complaining not having enough time to do. How about just doing it for a change?

Don’t live from weekend-to-weekend. Make every holiday count. This doesn’t mean you can’t still be lazy or watch your favourite movies. It just means you need to be more sensible about how much time you’re allotting to each activity.

· Break up with your excuses

It’s time to say goodbye to some clichés that we tend to use when we want to procrastinate doing something. Stop using phrases like ‘I don’t have time’ or ‘I can’t find the time’.

Replace them with something more positive like ‘I will make time’ and ‘I will find the time’. If you decide to make the time, you will have more of it!

· Seek to be more disciplined

If things around you are all muddled up and messy, you will have a hard time focussing completely on the task at hand. A good to way to find some discipline in your life is to start doing an activity a day that requires you to create a routine.

Remember this, if you don't schedule it, it won't get done!

Exercising a little when you wake up is one such activity. Try to form a habit of working out for 30 minutes a day. Stick with it for at least two weeks. Soon, you will be able to adopt the formula to other aspects of your life.

· Don’t be too hard on yourself

Getting the right mix of trying to reach your goals and balancing work, family and a social life can be a little difficult, and will take a little time getting used to. Try not to get overly emotional about things.

If you put in the effort, you will see results, sooner or later. Just make sure you start somewhere.

· It’s now or never

Remove the words ‘tomorrow’ and ‘later’ from your dictionary. These are the words of a person who is easily distracted by pointless things and one who loves to procrastinate.

Build your will power to say ‘No’ to things that are unnecessary and don't serve you. Do something productive whether you have ten minutes, an hour or a whole day. Don’t underestimate the power of ‘now’.

The thing about time is that it’s your friend until it’s too late.

Don’t be the person who looks back at things when they’re 60 years old and regret not doing enough with their life. Make the most of your life while your body, mind and strength are still in agreement. Push yourself to the limit.

There will be some sacrifices along the way but remember to have fun while doing all this. And remember we all have 24 hours in a day, how we use those hours is what matters!

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