7 Ways to Create an Emotional Cleansing Ritual

Emotional Cleansing is like getting your house deep cleaned. Only in this case, it's about getting rid of all the negative emotions which aren't allowing you to live your life to your best potential.

Now, of course taking the steps towards self growth and self development can will be difficult. Especially if you’re confused, unclear, reluctant or nervous about the end result. If you feel any or all these emotions is perfectly natural and to be expected.

However, it's essential to understand that there’s no need to rush or put yourself through pain or pressure. You simply need to be open to the idea and take small steps toward what you want to accomplish for yourself.

Assess your situation

How do you feel right now, in this moment? Allow your body to tell you. Take couple of deep breaths and pay attention to how your body feels. Ask yourself what emotions have you been carrying around lately.

Apart from your worries, fears, what thoughts have you been thinking, over and over again. This exercise is simply to understand what kind of thoughts have you been focusing on lately.

So, once you've assessed where you stand, do you seem to have more negative thoughts than positive ones?

If yes, don't worry! Most of us are guilty of having more negative thoughts than powerful, empowering ones. So now, let's think about creating an emotional cleansing routine.

Why it needs to be a routine and not a one-off thing you do?

Once you create a uniquely crafted routine for yourself, you can keep going back and reaping the benefits. However, before you start, you need to be committed to your growth. Give yourself permission to let go of all emotions that are holding you back from living a life you want to live.

We all have people, situations and obstacles that sometimes tend to get the better of us. You need to accept the things you can change and things which you can't. Understand that you can only change what you think and do. You are not responsible for other people's thoughts or actions. This maybe easy said than done, but exercising this thought to a small degree daily can have a profound effect on your life.  

Here are 7 ways you can use to create your unique emotional cleansing ritual

1. Spend time with yourself

Enjoy some quiet time. You can choose to practice a form of meditation or simply sit quietly by yourself for a couple of minutes. If you've never done this before, it can seem strange. However, this ability to disconnect with the busy world and simply be present to your thoughts is both powerful and relaxing.

If you want to understand how to meditate, you can join a class or check out some YouTube lessons. You can also just choose to jump in it head-first and see where it takes you. 

2. Move Your Body

Whether it’s going to the gym a few times a week, doing yoga in your garden or taking a Zumba class – pick your favourite form of exercise and do it regularly.

Following a workout regimen can help you take all the stress away by releasing endorphins (the happy hormones). By moving your body you'll be more energetic and a fit body helps in having a fit mind.

3. Pick that hobby

Expand your extracurricular horizons. Set a little time aside to do something you’ve always wanted to but were either too busy or too lazy to take up. Whether it was learning to play a musical instrument, growing a plant, painting, playing a sport, or anything else that you’ve had your eye on.

Once you’ve committed to a hobby and developed the interest to follow through, you’ll experience a sense of achievement and have a happier state of mind.

4. Write it down

A great way to let your emotions out is to maintain a journal or a diary. Jot down the events of your day and how they made you feel. Writing is a great way to introspect and retrospect.

Keeping a diary/journal is like having a written record of your emotional and mental progress. Once you start becoming regular about keeping your journal, it’s going to help you heal emotionally and get a clearer picture of things to come.

5. Talk it out

There is an unnecessary and frustrating stigma attached to the concept of therapy and seeking help from a counsellor, especially in a country like India. So much so, that most people go their entire lives without confiding, venting and resolving.

It’s time to break the taboo and ask for help whenever you need it.

If you think you need a professional to help let out your emotions and seek answers, go ahead and do it. Once you’ve gained complete closure on your past, you can figure out how to tackle your present and your future.

6. Say it how it is

Be open about how you feel to those around you. Keeping your opinions and emotions bottled up is doing you more harm than good. An open dialogue between those who are important to you is a very good way to keep yourself emotionally healthy.

There should be an equally healthy acceptance of positive and negative emotions on both ends – whether it’s with your spouse, parents, friends, children or colleagues. No one should be an exception to this rule.

7. Let it go

You have to find the will to get rid of all the negativity around you. You need to pinpoint the people, thoughts and habits that might have a negative impact on you and your peace of mind, and let go of them at your own pace.

Do away with anything or anyone that makes you question yourself, your beliefs and your decisions. Keep those around you that push you to do better and root for your success and well-being.

If you’ve decided to take on any or all of the measures to make a difference in your life, then you’re already on the fast-track to self improvement and personal growth.

Decide one, two or all of the above and create a routine that works for you. Remember, it's critical to take care of your emotional health if you want to reach your goals and create the life you want.

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