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A Strategic Plan To Reach Your Goals

Why is it important to have a strategic plan?

Isn't it enough to just know what your goals are and pursue them naturally? There's already a dearth of time. Planning will take additional time. 

Are you concerned about creating a plan and it taking time? Be assured that it'll save you a lot more time later on. It's best you take sometime before you start, you'll thank yourself later.

Why bother creating a plan?

Before you start pursuing your goals you should consider creating a plan. For two reasons

1. It'll guide you on what actions you need to take and 

2. It will help you stay on track when it gets challenging (and it will)

How to Create a Plan?

The first step is to identify your goals. 

 If you're yet to identify your goals, you can download your free goal setting worksheet here

Once you've identified your goals, you should first create a broad overview of all the things you think you'll need to do. Use the following steps to create your broad plan.

1. Write all the things you know for sure

This includes all the things you already know you have to do. For example: To loose weight, you know you have to exercise and eat healthy. 

List down all the things you know you'll have to do. Things like you know you'll have to change your lifestyle and habits to pursue any goal. Also, most importantly, you know you'll have to give time!

2. Write all the things you may know

This includes all the things you may know you have to do but don't know how to go about it yet.

For example: Does your goal require you to gain expertise such as get a certification?

List down all the technical skills you'll need to acquire to pursue your goals

Once you have this overview, you'll have before you a few things you know which you need to do to pursue your goals. 

How to follow this plan

Irrespective of the goal you're trying to reach, the steps to pursue those goals are quite similar.

1. Working on your goal

This requires time, patience and motivation. Depending on what you're trying to achieve your levels of motivation are required to be high.

While working on your goals you'll face several challenges and you'll be able to achieve your goals, only, if you're able to work on your goal despite the challenges that come your way.

Include in your plan how you intend to stay motivated and on track with your goals. Planning for challenges ahead is critical.

2. Being Consistent

As discussed above, expect challenges. It's not about being negative but expecting challenges can actually prepare you for challenges ahead.

Your journey towards what you want will be worth it because of those challenges. Continue to work on your goal everyday even when faced with these challenges.

Be consistent in your efforts irrespective whether things seem favourable or not. Know that small victories and failures are part of the journey.

Don't take either one too seriously. Learn to have fun along the way.

3. Track Your Progress

Just having a plan doesn't guarantee that you'll reach your goals. You should know how effective your efforts are. Tracking your progress is essential to know whether you're headed in the direction you want.

If your plan isn't working, change the plan. You're in control of what you want and how you want to pursue your goals.

Creating a plan and following that plan is what'll get you to your goals. Don't underestimate the power of making a plan for your goals. When you create a plan, you're also intending to reach those goals. Believe in what you're pursuing and you'll surely reach those seemingly impossible goals.

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