A strategy to Reach Your Goals

During a day, many thoughts go through a person’s mind. A lot of these thoughts involve what you’d like to do or liked to have done – your dreams, immediate or long term goals. It's a common phenomenon. Something even more common is our human nature to procrastinate.

Why are we so quick to give up? One reason may be that we try to take on too much at a time and in the process, we feel overwhelmed, strung out and eventually too exhausted to pursue goals which actually matter. However, there’s one magical thing that can help you with organising and managing your approach better and that is ‘strategy’.

Unless you strategise, your goals and dreams will seem more distant and unattainable. The term ‘strategy’ is now in use more than ever. From individuals to small companies to massive multinational corporations, the word is used and applied constantly and in every sphere. So, why should setting and reaching your personal goals be any different?

If you want to know how to create a winning strategy for yourself?

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Let’s understand some important aspects of strategising and how it can be applied to you and your everyday life.

1. Improves focus

Strategy helps you narrow down your priorities and stay focussed on what is important for that particular time frame. It’s going to guide in the right direction and filter out unnecessary and pointless distractions.

2. Reduces stress

Often, you might feel overwhelmed by a day’s worth of work. And unless you’re relaxed, you won’t be able to get any of it done. Similarly, if you’ve set a goal, there needs to an organised way to reach it.

Strategy counters the problem of having too much on your plate and helps you stay on track with your commitments.

3. Tracks progress

Having a good strategy will ensure you don’t jump into a task head-first. Instead, it’ll help you plan and take small steps, track your gradual progress and move on to the next set of tasks.

4. Creates accountability

There is no smoke without fire, and there is no progress without accountability. If you are in fact serious about completing a particular goal, there needs be some kind of accountability. That’s another aspect an effective strategy helps establish.

5. Solidifies commitment

While this may seem like an abstract concept to many, but committing to yourself is a big deal and a difficult thing to pursue. Having a good strategy will ensure you not only stay focussed on the task at hand but also stay true to yourself and power through to reach your goal, under any circumstance.

These are some ways in which a good strategy can help you reach your goals with relative ease.

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Additionally, here are some things you can do that can help you develop a good strategy:

· Manage time better

Monitor how much time you’re taking to accomplish a particular task and whether it can be done in a shorter span, or if a task needs more time, wind your mental clock accordingly.

· Learn from your mistakes

Don’t feel disheartened if you’re not able to accomplish your goals in your first few attempts. Instead, introspect what’s going wrong and come back stronger for your next try. Remember, failures mean you're trying to reach your goal.

· Surround yourself with inspiration

Unless you surround yourself with positivity - inspirational and motivational people, books, TV, the works, you will not be able to think about the right things or helm yourself in the right direction.

· Recount the day’s events

At the end of the day, sit down and give yourself a report of what was and what could’ve gone better or worse. This needn’t take more than ten to fifteen minutes of your time.

· Don’t forget to relax

Don’t get overworked or overthink things. If you’re tired, take a break. Don’t push your limits to the extent of getting de-motivated. If you feel like relaxing, relax – listen to music, take power nap, meditate. Do whatever it takes to help you stay on track with your pursuit.

· Find a partner

It’s hard to follow through all by yourself. Ask a friend, a co-worker or family member to help you in your endeavour to reach your goals. They can either motivate you to stay persistent or accompany you by setting goals for themselves.

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