It’s easy to get motivated. It doesn’t take much to be pumped up after listening to someone, watching a video or even reading something aspirational.

The real challenge however, is to take action once you’re motivated. How does one start their journey? And once you do start, how do you take consistent action without burning out or being overwhelmed?

Motivation runs dry after sometime. You need a strategy. A strategy that’ll keep you on track towards what you’re trying to achieve. 

And the great news is that it’s possible to create an actionable strategy!

The first step is – Intention! All the tips and strategies in the world can’t help someone who doesn’t have goals and who doesn’t want to reach them.

What is Action-Ables?

Action-Ables, is a weekly podcast which is aimed not just to motivate you. Instead, it’s meant to encourage you to implement practical ideas and strategies that are discussed.

If you’re looking to start pursuing your goals then this podcast gives you information on how you can take steps towards your goals. From learning routines to best practices from successful people, think of it as your personal coaching in less than 10 minutes!

Taking action can be overwhelming. The aim of this podcast is to make it simple and fun!

Who is Action-Ables for?

If you’re looking to get inspired and motivated this podcast is probably not right for you.

Only if you’re committed to taking steps (even if they are baby steps) then it can be meaningful to you. And dare I say good use of ten minutes of your day:)

A new episode releases every Thursday at 6pm, India time.

Tune in to listen now! You can listen to Action-Ables on iTunes, Spotify, Anchor & Google Podcast.

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