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Apply These 5 Techniques For Overcoming Fear

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

Every single one of us experiences fear in different shapes and forms. Fear is that limiting belief that is deeply ingrained in our psyche. It’s a disease we all suffer from, though the degree of fear, it’s shape and form may vary from person-to-person. We haven’t looked at fear as being a deadly disease, even though it can cause serious damage to our overall quality of life.

Here are a few ways that can help us overcome fear.

Identify It

Name It

Worse case scenario

Missing Opportunities

Taking Action

1. Identify It

Knowing the root cause of what you’re afraid of is the first critical step to overcoming it. Was it a childhood experience that caused you pain or embarrassment? Now, as an adult, are you still allowing that painful incident to govern your life? Get to the bottom of what you’re scared of. What situation causes this fear to take over? Identify the triggers. Is it a certain, place or thing that amplifies your fear?

It’ll help to write down and record the source. This step will be one of the most difficult steps to follow. But remember it's necessary and you can do it.

2. Name It

Once you identify what fear of yours is holding you back, name it. Naming something acknowledges it. So by giving a name to your fear, you’re accepting that it exists and you’re aware that it exists. You may have heard that to overcome any problem, the first step is ‘acceptance.’

Most of the times, our fear has control over us simply because we don’t accept it. Instead, we try to ignore and avoid it. We usually don’t like to deal with things that make us uncomfortable, so we don’t acknowledge it. To overcome your fear acknowledging it's presence will lessen its grip over you.

3. Worse case scenario

By this step you’ve successfully identified your triggers and have given your fear a name. It’s time to take the next big step. Set aside some undisturbed time for yourself and think about what’s the very worst thing that can happen if your fear comes to pass. It helps to write down these thoughts. While your writing this scenario, you will realize that these are only scenarios in your mind, which may or may not happen. The imperative part being ‘may or may not happen.’ It’s crucial to remember that by imagining this worse case scenario you should be able to conclude that the probability of this worse case scenario coming to pass is slim. And that should give you more confidence of letting this fear go and not be controlled by it.

You can make use of online journal such as Penzu to write down your thoughts.

4. Missing Opportunities

Next, it’s important to also think and write down thoughts about all the opportunities you’ve missed and can continue to miss in future if you allow this fear to control your life.

Think of all the times you wanted to do or say something but you felt paralyzed because of this fear. How did it make you feel when you weren’t able to do that particular thing or take that opportunity? You will have to trade your fear in exchange for opportunities in your life. Remember, this trade off will be worth it.

5. Taking Action

These steps are not a one-time activity. However, if you start with these and keep practicing them, you will soon be able to completely overcome your fear. Motivational books & videos can help you immensely to not only start taking action but also to stick to your action plans. Motivational authors like Tony Robbins & Marie Forleo are renowned experts in the field for taking massive action towards their dreams. In addition, there are numerous coaches who are available to work with. it's about finding the right fit for you. Finding what works for you, and working with that to get best result for yourself.

Remember, intention to achieve coupled with action rarely fails. So your best friend is 'action', if you truly want to overcome your fears and live a life to your best potential.

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