Believe In Yourself

Updated: May 17

You may undoubtedly want to reach your goals, but unless you believe you can, it will not happen. And yes this implies that your way of thinking i.e. Mindset has everything to do with the results you get in life.

If you find yourself struggling to reach your life goals the first thing to check is how are you thinking about your goals. This may seem hard to believe since we human beings are wired to believe in things we can see, touch and feel. So this concept of mindset and way of thinking which can’t be seen or touched, to get results can seem pretty far fetched. Which is why we need to break it down and understand it in a way which we can apply in our lives.

One of the most important step in pursuing any goal in life includes believing you can get the intended result. You may be familiar with the Pareto principle which states that 80% of the results are obtained by 20% effort. And yet the normal way of pursuing life goals is vice versa.

Some people expect to get the desired results without putting in the efforts and importantly without truly believing they can get the intended results.

The fact of the matter is that one can put in all the technical efforts and yet if they don’t believe they can actually get the result their efforts are not going to produce the optimum results.

So whats’ the significance of a positive mindset in achieving our goals? Well, it’s been proved by numerous scientific experiments how a positive state of mind, releases endorphins, which makes us happier. And happier people tend to put in the required efforts in a more effective way which ultimately makes it more likely to get the results one wants for themselves.

This isn’t something new. We all know this. Then why do we doubt ourselves?

Intellectually, we all understand the science behind having a positive state of mind. However, when it comes down to pursuing our goals, this intellectual understanding isn’t enough. So what can one do?

Well applying our intellectual understanding in real life situations is not just a good-to do but a necessity! If you want results that is.

Once you understand that you need to start with believing you can reach your goals. You will be faced with the most likely situation which is of self doubt. When this happens you really have only two choice.

Either this new interesting sounding ‘I can do this‘ voice wins or your long standing negative self doubt does. But the fantastic thing to realise is that both these beliefs are yours. So that means you can choose which one you want to tip and make the dominant belief. Because self doubt will never go away. Instead, we can learn to believe in ourselves more!

You see the struggle with believing you can achieve your goals becomes simple when you don’t lose yourself in your own self-doubt. Of course this sounds simple. And it’s difficult to do. Any change is.

Which is why once you decide and believe you can reach your goals. You’ll have to protect yourself from self doubt. And there’s a way to do it!

Here’s how:

Step 1: Recognize when you’re faced with self doubt. Ignoring negative thoughts doesn’t help in the long run. Just be mindful and don’t let one negative thought lead to another. One negative thought at a time.

Step 2: The moment you feel this negative thought creep up on you, force yourself to physically move to another place. It’s proven by science that when you physically move your body you shift your thoughts as well. So if you’re lying down, get up and move to another room and change your environment.

Step 3: Take a very small action towards your intended goal. As small as writing about it in your journal. When you do something physically your brain will try to make sense of it.

Last, Step 4: Talk to yourself aloud and say some version of this “See I took action, I believe I can do this, you are wrong about me and my ability, I don’t need to listen to you”

Now before you dismiss it. Try it first before you judge it. It works!

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