How to be better focussed in life

Updated: May 17

Have you noticed when someone asks you what you want in life, you may end up discussing things that you don’t want instead? In this episode, we’re going to be discussing how to get results by being better focussed in life.

With most of my coaching clients, I’ve observed a very common pattern. They all want results and yet in their very first session all most everyone talks about what they don’t want in their life. How they don’t want the current situation that they are in, and what they’re going through. This can be mostly attributed to the negative bias of our mind.

So, if we’re naturally hardwired to focus on negative things, how can we improve our focus? The odds even though are seemingly against us, surely there must be a way to concentrate on positive stuff. And yes, there is!

Otherwise, how can we explain someone being laser focussed and getting the results they want? That person must be doing something right, so let’s explore this further.

Author of the best selling book ‘Start With Why’, Simon Sinek talks about discovering the ‘Why‘ behind what you want to do something. The idea is to create a clear vision about why you want to reach a goal. The assumption is that clearer the vision, simpler it’ll be to be focussed in your efforts. Even though this idea sounds great, and it gives a good starting place, only knowing your ‘Why’ will not help you alone to be better focussed in your efforts.

So, the first step really is to know the deep burning desire or reason you want to achieve a goal. Next, it logically follows that you’ll need to take action. The only way you’ll be able to take action is if you first assume responsibility for taking that action.

Think about it this way, all you have to do to reach your goals is to be responsible for them. And your responsibility starts the moment you decide you want to achieve a goal.

Imagine if a loved one was counting on you for support, would you let them down. Of course not! You would do everything in your power to help them. You may not feel like doing it, it maybe physically and mentally exhausting but you feel a sense of responsibility to help them out.

Similarly, when you take stock of your goals with the same level of responsibility as you would for a loved one, showing up and taking the required action will get simpler over time. This way you’ll train your mind to be better focussed.

So, the take away is assume responsibility for your goals, and take action from an empowered position.

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