Life coaching

Someone wise once said “if you want to be great at something get yourself a coach.”

Did you know that coaching as a profession started from sports? Athletes were trained by ‘someone’ who could help them perform better. A coach is that ‘someone’, who knows the game and can guide you to perform better than you currently are.

What a coach doesn’t do is- Tell you to do something. What? How does it work then?

A good coach empowers you to make a decision and get better results for yourself. Each one of us inherently knows what’s good for us and what we should be doing. A coach helps you look inward for those answers and helps you with executing them.

The reason I started coaching was to help people uncover their potential. I always felt that if I had a coach sooner in my life I could have learnt to take action in my life faster and more effectively. As I continued my education in personal growth I felt it was time I could help someone else do the same. And that’s how I got into the profession of coaching. 

The methodology I follow to coach is: to get anything substantial in life you have to take action. I teach and advocate the strategies necessary for taking action. Taking action can be simple and fun once we break the notion that it’s difficult to take action.

You can connect with me on Social media #padenslife or through the Contact Page.

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