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Different types of Yoga

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

It's easy to get overwhelmed when deciding if Yoga can help you. Especially, since there are so many different types of Yoga, This post sheds light on some common types of Yoga. When you're starting out decide which form suit you best.

A practice that began in India almost 5000 years ago, yoga focuses on strength, flexibility and breathing to stimulate both physical and mental wellbeing. Practicing yoga not only makes you fitter and more agile, it also illuminates you on the art of being still. It is almost an art of meditation that requires you to focus solely on yourself and shed the pressures of the outside world.

Yoga is an excellent tool for mental discipline and is proven to be beneficial in combating issues such as, depression and anxiety.Not only that, it is also effective in reducing blood pressure, risk of heart diseases and lower back pain. All of which can be directly linked to the lifestyle followed by many people in this day and age.

If you’re wondering which yoga class to sign up for, here are 4 different types of yoga that you can choose from, depending on your skill level and work out style. Yoga classes last typically between 30 -45 minutes and an hour.

Hatha Yoga  

This is the go-to yoga for a complete beginner. You don’t need to be extremely flexible or know the rules of yoga to get started with hatha yoga. In Sanskrit ‘hatha’ means, any type of physical posture. But typically, hatha yoga teaches slow moving postures and is considered to be a gentler form of yoga.

Here are the ten basic Hatha Yoga poses


Vinyasa is for the High-intensity interval training (HIIT) lover or runners, because the pace changes quickly and it gets your heart rate up in no time. The poses change quickly in this type of yoga so be prepared to work up a sweat. You can red more about Vinyasa Yoga here

For a Vinyasa session watch this video


Iyengar yoga is for the anatomy geek in you. This yoga uses props such as yoga blocks to straps on the wall and you will feel yourself becoming conscious of your body alignment and movements while performing the Iyengar Yoga. It’s always better to start at level 1 even if you’re an experienced yogi.

Watch this video for Iyengar sequence

Restorative Yoga

You may not feel like you’re moving too much while doing this type of yoga, but that’s sort of the point of a restorative yoga. It helps you slow down and is more about relaxation than work. This type of yoga is useful for people who suffer from insomnia, depression or anxiety. You may spend 20 minutes or so in simple poses and use props like blankets or lavender eye pillows to help you relax. Think of it as getting back the nap time you never used as a child. For a restorative sequence you can watch this video.

The other prominent and equally effective types of yoga are, the Ashtanga, Bikram, Kundalini and Hot Yoga, which are all physically demanding and which also helps you to delve deeper into your own psyche.

Now you know what yoga types are there. Roll up that yoga mat and get started on this beautiful journey of self discovery and wellness.  

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