Difficulty to achieve goals

Updated: May 17

“If only it were easy I would definitely be able to reach my goals. In this episode, we’re addressing the main problem with reaching goals- The problem being that it is so difficult to achieve goals.

No matter how earnestly you want to reach a particular goal you’ll come across this problem. It will present itself in various forms and stages. Ignoring it won’t make this problem go away. Instead being prepared for it can significantly help you face this difficulty and eventually even overcome it.

I want to share a brief incident that happened over the weekend. I was at a friend’s place for dinner and was chatting with another friend who’s been trying to quit smoking. I asked him how his non-smoking was coming along.

He gasped and said “it’s so damn hard. I literally crave for a cigarette all the time” He continued on how difficult it was for him but he was trying to stay on track. I applauded him for his effort and offered some words of encouragement.

This got me thinking that my friend was trying so hard to give up smoking and it was so painful for him as any smoker will tell you that cravings can be physically and mentally difficult to deal with. I started to draw the parallel between what my friend is going through and with anyone who tries reaching their goals in life.

See even though my friend who intends on giving up smoking for good is finding it so difficult to not smoke, soon enough he will be faced with the ultimate situation where he’ll have to decide whether giving up smoking will be worth the pain he’s having to go through right now.

And hence the parallel, this situation is not unique to my friend instead it's faced by any person who’s ever tried reaching a goal in their life.

In most cases, people get excited about pursuing their goals and that’s great but soon they hit their first set of challenges. After which if they don’t use the right tools and techniques to handle setbacks, it results in loss of enthusiasm as well as confidence.

And once confidence is shaken, staying on track with that goal which seemed so bright and shiny in the beginning just doesn’t inspire one to continue taking action. Eventually leading to giving up.

I don’t mean to be so cut and dry about it but pursuing your goals as we’ve discussed and even personally experienced is always going to be difficult. That’s not going to change. But there’s something we can do about it.

We can choose to take action despite things being difficult. Now this may sound completely contradictory. But here’s how we can put it into action.

Every time you’re faced with a challenge, instead of thinking how difficult it is to reach this goal, what if you were to think though about what you can do right now to overcome this challenge. If it seems too big a challenge, chunk it down.

Meaning can you consider breaking up your action into small byte size steps. That way you don’t overwhelm yourself while taking the necessary action.

Look every one will face challenges and yet the people who do reach their goals do things differently they chose to not think about their difficulties they do whatever it takes to reach their goals.

So in the end, don’t expect your journey toward your goals to be easy, instead expect it to be difficult and then choose to take action despite your challenges. Something to remember, if it’s worth it, It won’t be easy and it’s not supposed to be.

That’s my time. I hope you’ll look at your journey whichever stage you may be at. And expect things to be difficult, be prepared and then surprise yourself by taking action instead of thinking about the hardships.

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Till next week, remember “What You Want Matters and It’s Up To You to Make It Happen”

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