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Energy Healing- Myths & Benefits

Do you ever feel that something is off balance in the energy surrounding you? You can feel that something is wrong but you just can’t seem to put a finger on what the problem is. Energy healing or spiritual healing is used to release blocks and unwanted energies so that you can get your positive energy flowing and heal.

Everything around us, including our thoughts are made up of energy; both positive and negative. Positive thoughts have the power to heal and lift you up, while negative energy can potentially harm your mental and physical well-being.

Possessing a healthy energy magnetic field means that you are progressing in life without many difficulties and you are attracting positive people and events into your life. Your energy, health and well-being are on a high and you feel good mentally and physically. To have a more balanced energy you need to first understand what is blocking or damaging your chakras. Here are some benefits:

1. A vibrant and cleansed aura will help you open yourself up to more prosperity channels like attracting wealth and good luck.

2. You will have more clarity in your mind and you will seem to attract luck and good fortune.

3. You will find that you have unbound success and find yourself in much more tranquil environment.

4. You will start glowing and come to find that you have become a much more attractive person and you start to feel young again.

5. You will be in perfect sync with the ultimate wisdom and with your mind, body and soul in perfect harmony.

6. You will only see more opportunities whenever there are difficulties in life and you will approach life with a much more positive outlook.

A weak aura can make your life seem dull and lifeless. You will find that you face failure, emotional trauma or health problems regularly. When you have a sound balance in your mind, body and soul you can overcome various hurdles in life.

Aura healing meditation

The reason why there is so much of skepticism surrounding energy healing is because people do not explore the topic enough and they tend to misconstrue myths as facts while trying to understand energy healing. These are some common myths surrounding energy healing:

Myth #1 – Energy color

The myth is that energy can have a thousand different colors, which is not a fact because energy color or aura is limited to the colors of the visible light spectrum. There only 7 of them as seen in a rainbow. While these 7 colors may vary in their brightness and intensity from person to person, it is a certainty that you will be unlikely to find any other color outside of these 7 colors in a person’s aura:








An aura can never be black but it can be dark or muddy so that it looks brown and you might find different shades of the colors mentioned above such as a dark intense red or orange tinged red.

Myth #2 – Energy never changes

This is not true because your aura reflects your health, well-being and your personality which keeps changing frequently. As the years go by, you might grow into becoming a more mature person or a more disciplined person or you might become more stressed and turn into an angrier or more frustrated individual. Good and bad experiences both contribute to altering your personal beliefs and character. All these changes will affect your aura as well and your aura will change depending on your mood or your current state of mind. And just because aura readings might change depending on changes in your well being or personality does not mean that they are unreliable.

Myth #3 – Energy cleansing requires obscure treatments

Nothing could be further from the truth than this statement because even though it may require professional in some cases, you can cleanse your own aura by making simple and effective lifestyle and habit changes. Meditate and exercise regularly to improve your general physical, mental and spiritual health. All these changes will affect your aura and you will gradually begin to sense the imbalances beginning to disappear from your life.

Myth #4 – Energy healing is expensive

It is true that some aura healers try to exploit people and gain a profit from by suggesting special techniques or ornaments that would cleanse their auras. You don’t really need all expensive or complicated methods as most aura healing techniques require a healthy living and relaxation of the mind and body. So don’t fall into the trap of expensive rituals or wearing ornaments.

There are several myths such as these surrounding the concept of aura healing, but it is always better to take them with a grain of salt and use your common sense and conduct proper research before you start a consultation.

Chakra meditation for energy healing

Your aura is an extension of you and acts as a protective shield when it is strong and powerful, but when it is damaged or fragile it can make you feel unwell mentally and physically, drained or feeling disconnected with yourself. Aura healing is necessary for your overall mental and physical well-being.

Here are a few ways in which you can strengthen your aura so that you can increase your energy:

1. Make your own aura cleansing spray by filling a bottle with some spring water and mixing cleansing oils such as lime, juniper or lavender. Spray it towards yourself from arm’s length and avoid your eyes.

2. Get enough vitamin D and let the sun feed your aura by spending enough time in nature. The sun is known to feed and expand the aura and let nature nourish your senses and ground you.

3. Make sure you drink at least 9 – 10 cups of pure spring water or filtered water every day as water is also known to be an excellent source of cleanser that can clear out the harmful toxins blocking positive energies from entering your life.

4. An extremely easy way to strengthen your aura is to soak yourself in a warm bath by mixing a cup of sea salt in it.

5. Wear a favorite color or a color that makes you feel good about yourself.

6. Cold showers are another way to clear any negativity in your auric field, remove any toxins and improve your circulation by drawing any tension out of your body.

7. Music is a great healer and it is one way in which you can clear negative energy from your mind and soul. Listening to soothing sounds before you sleep will dissolve negativity and clean your energies.

8. Steer clear of people who suck the positivity out of your life. Some people are just plain toxic and spending time with them can leave you feeling drained. Limit your exposure to such people or situations that lead you to spend time with such people.

9. Burn some sage at home by creating a sage by bundling dried sage together after you light it in a fire safe place. Light only the end of the sage bundle and blow out the flame so that there are only a few embers burning at the end of the stick.

10. Meditate and exercise frequently and visualize yourself as a positive being attracting only positive energy and light.

These are some of the ways through which you can cleanse your own aura, increase your energy and not spend thousands of dollars on expensive rituals or ornaments recommended by therapists who might be in the profession only to make a profit. Moving energy is all about the intention than any particular method so if you have decided that you need to cleanse your aura and balance the energies existing in your life, nothing can stop you from developing into a positive and joyful person.

Drop us a comment about what other ways are there to increase one's energy. We'd love to know!

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