Episode #10

Why Even Bother Setting Goals

Hey there. Today’s episode is going to be about -Why even bother setting goals?

I have to mention when I started off in the personal development space, a lot of people around me were concerned. They told me I was wasting my time. I was told that pursuing a coaching really isn’t a career worth pursuing and there was no real need or demand for it.

Let’s talk facts personal development is almost a 10 billion dollar industry that means, well, a lot of people think that this stuff works!

Next, Im going to gently mention that just like in my case where I was told constantly I was mad to pursue this . In your life, if you’re trying to pursue anything and coming up with a lot of heat and resistance from people around you, I would like to suggest you turn a deaf ear to them, because in the long run not paying attention to nay sayers will be so worth it!

Okay , now coming to what I wanted to talk to you about this week.

We all know that time of the year where we decide to do things for ourselves right, you know what i’m talking about the infamous New Year resolutions.

New Year Resolutions

Well if you are wondering we’re in August and why am I mentioning New year resolutions, stay with me.

Studies show that people really set goals around when the year ends. It’s something to do with being hopeful about a new year.

Now, let’s do a quick flashback to our childhood let’ say around when we were 7-10 years old. We all have some memory of what we wanted to be right. Whether it was an astronaut, fashion designer, actor or even a skater (in my case). We dreamt of being someone aspirational, there wen’t any limits to our imagination.

Your childhood

Well ever thought about what happened? Does this sound familiar, We GREW UP! meaning we were told to be Realistic. We were told to get an education to get a job, to get married, to have kids and send our kids to a better college so they could get a job, get married and have kids. And the cycle continues. Let me clarify, I’m not against getting an education, job or having a family.

What I’m trying to point out however, is that we were told to do these things. We were conditioned to believe that these things are the only things that matter. No wonder so many adults after they’ve done this dance feel completely unfulfilled with themselves and their lives. Why do you think this happens.

I’ll tell you how it happens. While getting an education, job and having a family matters, most people don’t stop to think of what matters to them that really moves them.


Recent studies indicate that even though we are the most advanced generation ever we are also the most stressed. We have literally all the information on our fingertips,. Yet our stressed out lifestyle, causes confusion and overwhelm . And due to this stress, confusion, many people don’t bother asking themselves what do they really want out of their lives. Like what would they want to become, create in life. Are there any skilsl they would like to learn a hobby a passion they’d like to pursue. After our basic needs are met, it’s about going deeper into life. About discovering what truly moves you. And this is how some excel, others fail and far too many never even start.

I’ve pointed out why most people don’t set goals.

Now, this side I want to point out the obvious benefits of setting goals for oneself


1. You’ll gain a clarity that you’ve probably been missing until now. By clearly defining your goals, you wil know what matters to you, so you’ll understand that not everything you’re doing is necessarily important. You’ll learn to prioritise.

2. once you gain clarity, you have perspective which allows you to focus on things that matter to you, so you’ll be far less stressed out

3. Knowing what you want makes it easier for you to take actions much faster and effectively, and

4. You’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction which is an indescribable feeling So the only way to feel more fulfilled in life is to set life goals for yourself and experience the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction which is unparalleled.

Now it’s time to talk about how you can set goals for yourself?

You can download your FREE worksheet from www. goalsettingworksheet.upitaway.com Try setting your personal and professional goals and see the difference it makes in your life.

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If you need personalised help with your life goals, check out my company on www.upitaway.com

Till next week, remember “What You Want Matters and It’s Up to You to Make It Happen.”

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