Episode #11

The Power of Choice

Today, let’s talk about the one power we all possess. But it virtually remains a secret for those who are yet to exercise this power. So let’s get into it.

If you’re alive. You have the power of choice.

Think about it, we are making choices everyday. The only difference is whether we’re making them consciously or not. On a daily basis we are making choices such as what to wear, what to eat, what to do during the day, etc.

And if you’re lucky enough to have the basic necessities of life, you get to enjoy a higher degree of choice. If you learn to recognise and use this power consciously you can change your life dramatically.

What does it mean to choose consciously?

More often than not we use this power for sweating about the smaller stuff in life. Often, we don’t even realize making some choices. Now don’t confuse beating yourself up, grumbling/ complaining as choosing. You’re making that choice more as a reaction than positively and consciously choosing it. (Whatever the ‘it’ maybe).

Whatever choices you’re making, think about how much of thought or intention are you putting into it.

If you can’t determine the feeling behind your choices the chances are they are simply a reaction to the environment in question. (environment being another person, place or even a thing)

I’d like you to think about a time, where you chose to be angry. Do you remember choosing to be angry in that moment? For example: that time when someone cut you off in traffic, did you choose to get angry or was it more like an automatic ‘reaction’ to being cut off?

I invite you to think of the countless choices you’re making in your life without realizing that it actually maybe a reaction. Maybe someone did something, maybe your expectations weren’t met by someone at work, and you had to choose your next move. How do you go about it?

There are only two ways how you use this power.

First, sadly this one is the autopilot approach

You react, you grumble, you begrudge someone else and then you do what needs to be done.


Second, is a little difficult (only initially, but more rewarding in the long run) approach

You breathe, you remind yourself someone else’s actions need not cause you to react negatively. You have absolutely no control on someone else’s actions, only your own. How you chose to react in a situation is upto you entirely. And that is choosing consciously!

Try it, it doesn’t cost you a cent but only a couple of deep breaths and asking yourself next time am I choosing this or am I reacting. Ironically, the choice is upto you!

Personally, what I’ve learnt about making conscious choices is that these choices always have a positive impact, if not immediately but certainly over the long run. You stand to loose nothing but you can improve the quality of your life and relationships both personally and professionally.

And now it’s time to put what we discussed into action

This week, I want you to take your journal and every night right before you go to sleep, write down all the choices you made during the day. From what time you decided to wake up, what to have for breakfast, in between, till you got back home etc.. And next to each choice I challenge you to write down whether you thought it was a conscious choice or a reaction.

At the end of the week, evaluate your quality of choices. And whatever the result you can always improve upon it by practicing it everyday.

I’ll end this episode with this quote-

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