Episode #12

How to improve relationships?

If you’re wondering why this topic and how it can help you move towards your goals, stick around.

I’ve often had clients who come to get coached for a specific reason and in the process they realize that their relationships are suffering.

Now, these relationships are mostly romantic but it may also be a relationship with parents, siblings, kids and or even friends.

Here’s an example:

I have this client who was working really hard to get promoted at work but she felt severely disconnected with her spouse because of the stress and lack of time.

Now this person didn’t know her relationship was suffering till her partner told her that they needed couple counselling if they wanted to continue their relationship. She knew they were having problems because of her promotion stress but she didn’t realize how bad things actually were.

So, what does she do? Give up her ambitions to be a better spouse or choose her work over her relationship?

Is there any way this can work?

Sure, we’ve all heard stories from friends about the ‘over ambitious partner‘ or the ‘neglecting partner‘.

However, if this were true for the most part, then how do successful people seem to have it all- their success and even loving relationships?

Here is the key thing that can help you improve your relationships. This will not only help you with your relationships but they also help you focus on your other goals.

Acknowledging Your Goals

Ask yourself whatever you’re trying to achieve- that promotion, earning more money, doing anything, is it worth it if the most important people in your life aren’t around for you to share your success with?

I know that sounds a bit extreme and we’ve probably seen this play out in a movie. Your goals don’t have to cost you your relationships.

The good news is you don’t have to choose. It’s not an either or situation.

Don’t buy into the idea that you can’t have it all! In order to feel truly fulfilled with your life, all the areas (relationships) need to be fulfilled. You can’t just be fulfilled in one area and expect to be truly fulfilled with life.

You can be career driven and equally a loving partner or any other relationship participant.

Acknowledging your goals means two things

First, is acknowledging your goals to yourself. If this goal is truly important to you and could potentially put your relationships at risk then you need to be smart about your moves.

I mean everything you do to pursue that goal should be strategic. Since it need not take more time and effort than absolutely necessary, because it’s the time which you could otherwise spend with your loved one.

Second, acknowledging your goals to your partner or person concerned know that they are important to you and so are your goals. You will not choose one over the other.

The way you do this is you should be extremely transparent with them about how you’re going to pursue your goals without the cost of your relationship. If you’re able to communicate this clearly and lovingly the chances of stress in your relationship will decrease significantly.

Now this may sound too difficult. But think about it if you want both of it equally who’s to say you can’t have it!

You just need a good strategy to pursue your goals as well as a strategy to be a good partner.

So if you partner needs you to show up for them and you have a very very important meeting you decide at that moment what’s more critical and you can decide that only once you have a good strategy in place.

Whatever you decide know that it’s going to be okay. Don’t beat yourself up about the decision you make.

Trust your plan which you’ve made for the important goal you’d like to achieve and for the person or people you’d like to share it with.

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