Episode #13

Stop overthinking right now

Do you find yourself thinking about things way too much?

Perhaps it’s either about doing or not doing something.

Or it could be about a particular outcome you desire?

Whatever scenario you are overthinking, let’s look into into what it stems from.

And also, let’s discuss one thing we can do to the next time we find ourselves indulging in overthinking.

What causes overthinking?

Before we discuss what is the root cause of it. Let’s set some context.

We all have 24 hours in a day to get stuff done. Out of which we only have about 10-12 hours in which to do any real or productive work. So, it’s obvious we don’t have the luxury to spend time on imagining scenarios which may or may not happen.

This means we’re short on time and any thinking person who wants to achieve results that matter to them doesn’t indulge in overthinking because they have too much time on their hands.

This also means that those we do indulge in overthinking are doing it unknowingly and maybe looking for a way to stop. And like most things which don’t really serve us, it’s upto us change it.

Now, what causes it. Since overthinking isn’t caused mostly because we want to sit around and imagine scenarios. What else could it be?

In one word- ‘Fear‘.

It maybe fear of failing, getting hurt or being embarrassed. Fear can be crippling to a point where it makes us imagine worse-case scenarios in our mind. Without knowing how to overcome this fear it results in more overthinking and the individual being unable to take action.

For example: Let’s say you want to do something. Like start a business but you find yourself thinking of scenarios such as it being a failure, you loosing money, basically it being a disaster.

You have to understand that there can be only two outcomes of overthinking.

First, the scenarios you’re playing out in your mind may or may not happen.

But the second thing is for sure that your overthinking will do. And that is stop you from taking any action.

So, we’ve discussed fear causes us to overthink and what we’re overthinking may or may not happen.

Why do we overthink?

The interesting thing about overthinking is we have an innate ability, the power of imagination. We can imagine anything and that’s such a gift. A gift we can learn to use in our favour.

Think about it, when you sit and overthink those worse case scenarios, you’re the one who’s doing that. It’s your mind. Instead of thinking worse case scenarios what if you imagined better scenarios.

It’s your imagination. You’re the one who’s in control. You can change the scenario anytime you want.

So what do you want to think about? Scenarios that are uplifting or that make you cringe. It’s upto you’re the one in control.

Here’s One thing you can do when you find yourself overthinking.

1. Make a list of things that you’ve been wanting to do in your life but have been imagining the worst outcome

2. Next to each one of them, write down the worse case scenarios. I know it’ll be scary but put it down on the paper

3. As soon as you finish the worse-case scenario, now write a better case scenario. How will it make you feel to accomplish this particular goal in your life

4. And last, take one step towards fulfilling this goal despite your fear.

This is how we beat overthinking and take action towards what we want.


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Till next week, keep it real and remember “What You Want Matters and It’s Up to You to Make It Happen.”

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