Episode #14

Start By Investing In Yourself

In this episode let’s talk about why you should consider investing in yourself and how to go about it.

Every week, I try to bring your attention to one topic that I believe can help you move towards your goals.

If you remember in Episode 10, we discussed the benefits of setting goals. Today, let’s start with a step that goes even beyond setting your goals.

Why is it important to invest in yourself?

Now, who would you say is the most important person in your life? The common answer is our loved ones right? But what if I said that You are the most important person in your life. You may say that sounds selfish and self-centred but I’d like to question why does it sound selfish and self centred?

I invite you to try this thought experiment with me. Do you remember when you were a baby and when you cried to get your mothers attention? You needed food, sleep or a change of diaper. You knew what you needed and didn’t think it selfish to wake up your mother in the middle of the night. Did you?

But as we grow up, we are taught that putting ourselves first and prioritising our needs before someone else’s is selfish. In our relationships with others we may often forget about ourselves. We are always playing a role for others. What about our first responsibility which is to ourselves. I’ve explained this extensively in my training How to Start Setting Goals which you can download here.

Try thinking about it this way. Everything that matters to you in your life matters because you exist. You’re the context to everything that’s worthwhile and meaningful to you. To think of yourself as the most important person in your life is not selfish or self-centred, in fact it’s only when you’re self aware and conscious of your needs can you really be giving and loving towards others. This alone should be reason enough for you to prioritise yourself and consider your needs.

And the way you prioritise your needs is by investing in yourself.

How do you invest in yourself?

When you choose to prioritise yourself, you are essentially being conscious of what you want to do, achieve or create in your life.

Being conscious sounds simple but it requires work. It needs to come from a place of deep reflection and not from a superficial reason or out of spite for anyone or anything. Instead true awareness of self is born out of something pure and positive. And this is not just a onetime event rather it’s an ongoing process.

Investing in yourself is really about being authentically in touch with yourself. You start this process by asking yourself deeper questions about what truly matters to you and then living your life accordingly. Many people would call this as ‘standing in your own truth’.

It’s believing and affirming to yourself that you matter and what you want truly deserves your attention. You need to honour what you want and live according to that. So, if your goal is to be a kickass business woman and you’re also a mom, you have give yourself permission to do both. Know that you can do both. You don’t have to choose. If being a mom and businesswoman is what you truly want then show up in both fields and do your best.

Similarly, if you’re a man working on his start up and your partner is expecting you to spend more time with them, and if you truly want to be an entrepreneur as well as a loving partner, you can have it both.

It’s all about being conscious of what you want and then going out and figuring a way to make that happen!

Coming to the One thing you can do to start investing in yourself.

It’s developing the habit of journaling.

I know I’ve spoken about this before in one of the earlier episodes. That is how powerful it is. The habit of writing down your thoughts is one surefire way by which you can start the process of self discovery.

Why I suggest writing down your thoughts is because you can always refer back to it. By taking the time to write down your thoughts you honour yourself and your needs.

A daily habit of penning your thoughts gets you closer to yourself. We all need a space where we can be completely and unabashedly honest with ourselves. I invite you to create this space for yourself starting today!

Remember truly investing in yourself is about self discovery of what’s important to you and then it’s about living your life in alignment with what matters to you. Setting goals and how to go about them can happen only once you’re truly ready to honour your goals and needs. Give yourself the permission to do that and create an even more meaningful life for yourself!


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