Episode #15

Roadmap to Achieving Success

What does success look like to you?

What are you trying to achieve in your life?

Is it having more money for yourself and your family?

Is it feeling more fulfilled in your relationships? Or is it getting more fit and healthy?

No matter what you’re trying to achieve in life, did you know that there’s a clear defined path to achieving it?

Yes! I’m not kidding. There are only two things you need really to achieving your idea of success:

1. Being specific: Knowing what you want and why it’s important to you.

2. Taking Action: Working towards it and make it happen

This is pretty straightforward, these two steps are the only thing you got to do to achieve your goals.

Well, then what’s the catch?. Intellectually, we understand what needs to be done. So, why do we struggle?

Someone who’s work I deeply respect and admire- Brendon Burchard puts it like this “Achievement is not the problem, Alignment is” I’m a firm believer that every person has an innate sense of wisdom. Every single one of us knows what we want. The only differentiator is the action one takes to get those results.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting that taking action is easy. It’s not!

Why is taking action difficult?

Every time we feel like taking action, the brain does its best and tries to stop us. This is because it’s trying to protect us.

You see, our brain is not designed to help us feel warm and fuzzy, in fact due to our evolution, our brain is meant to protect us from anything that seems unfamiliar.

Pursuing your goals which you actually want seems unfamiliar to your brain, it seems risky and therefore it makes it difficult for you to take the necessary action.

What can you do to overcome this bias of your brain?

First, you have to understand that your brain is rigged to protect you so it’ll give you all the reasons (hear excuses) telling you not to go ahead.

Your brain will throw excuses at you which may sound like this:

– You’re not ready

-Why wake up early it’s so warm and cozy in bed

-You’ll just fail and be embarrassed

-Do you really want this?

People will laugh at you

-You don’t really have the skills


Next time you’re faced with a situation where your brain gives you these reasons, you need to remind yourself that it’s your brain. You can control your thoughts. You can choose to listen to the million years of protective bias of your brain or you can choose to take action despite it.

Once, you realise you’re the one in control you need to take some action (no matter how small it seems). I’ll guarantee you this- “You won’t feel like doing it!” But I also guarantee you this- “If you start doing this day in-and day out for at least 3months, it’ll become much simpler”. Follow these two steps 1. Don’t listen to the excuses your brain offers and 2. Taking small action, you will be able to start your journey towards what you want to achieve.

To stay consistent in your efforts, let’s talk about the thing that makes it unnecessarily difficult and complicated to take action.

In two words- ‘Our feelings“.

You see, we place a lot of importance on how we feel while taking action. We say things like ‘ I want to but I don’t feel like

The truth is if you want to achieve something you have to take your feelings out of it. What do I mean by this?

Of course your feelings matter and you should value them. However, the problem arises when the same feelings prevent you from taking action. When you say I’ll do something when I feel like I’m ready, the truth is you’ll never feel like doing something you absolutely should!

For example: Having a goal like being fit and healthy is easy to say, difficult to do and impossible if you mix your feelings in it. If you say I want to loose weight, but eating healthy and exercising is too difficult, I don’t like like going for that jog today. Guess what, you’ll never feel like going for it!

Alternatively, what if you told your mind I want to get healthy. I know it’s not going to be easy and I won’t feel like doing the necessary things but I’ll go ahead and do it nonetheless. Believe me if you do this enough number of times you’ll train your mind to take action despite not feeling like!

This strategy can make all the difference!

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