Episode #16

In Pursuit of Happiness

If you’re a Will Smith fan, you must be familiar with his hugely popular movie- the pursuit of happyness

It’s the story of Chris Gardner who overcame huge challenges to become a self-made African-Amercian millionaire.

If you’re wondering what’s this got to do with helping you achieve your goals then you have to stick around.

Let’s get into it and start with-

What is happiness?

Is it making x amount of money, having all the fancy things in the world? Or is it about going deeper and having more meaningful experiences in your life?

This topic of happiness is hugely subjective. And the beauty of it is it’s upto you. You are 100% in control of how happy you want to feel.

The question at the heart is-Does happiness seem elusive to you? Do you think of happiness as something you’ll feel once you have achieved everything you want?

This is what I want to discuss with you today.

Being the founder of company- Up It, who encourages people to go out, actively set goals for themselves and pursue them, I have often asked myself this question. “How does one pursue their goals? Is it a means to an end or do they believe they will find true happiness once they achieve that goal?

In my experience, I’ve learnt that it’s not the final achievement of the goal in itself that gives you a sense of fulfilment and happiness instead it’s the journey that matters the most!

We’ve all heard the famous cliche “It’s not about the goals. It’s the journey that matters.” Yet, somehow , we tend to forget this critical truth.

It’s important you understand that enjoying the journey doesn’t mean that you’re not committed to your goal. It simply means that the result of you achieving the goal doesn’t determine whether you feel happy or not.

What matters is you’re committed to the actions that’ll get you to the result you want. However, you’re not expecting to feel happy only once the goal is reached. You consciously decide to be happy while pursuing your goal.

Happiness is not the end result of achieving your goal, instead it’s the pursuit of your goal in itself.

Tony Robbins says this beautifully in his words “Success without fulfilment is the ultimate failure

Now, let’s put this into practice by doing a small exercise.

For this exercise, you’ll need two things:

1. You have a goal you’d like to pursue (or currently pursuing).

2. You are taking consistent action

Step 1: Look at how far you’ve come already. Even if you’ve just decided on what you want to pursue.

It doesn’t matter if you started yesterday or a week back, a month or even a year back. If you decided to pursue your goals you have to applaud yourself for taking the first step.

Step 2: While you’re making the efforts to move towards your goal, you have to become aware of your journey. By this I mean when you’re doing the work that’s necessary, find at least five minutes and look at you’re currently doing and what you want to ultimately achieve.

Step 3: I invite you to think about whether you’re enjoying yourself. That’s right, identify the emotions you’re currently experiencing.

Ask yourself are you waiting to receive that promotion or earn that amount of money, or marry your partner etc. Are you waiting to reach your goal before you allow yourself to feel happy or fulfilled?

I want to invite you to think differently about how you’re pursuing your goals. While you’re doing everything else that’s necessary, what if you were to think about your goal like this- “I want to achieve xyz. I’ll do everything within my power to achieve it, it won’t be easy and eventually I may or may not achieve my goal but I’m going to enjoy this ride of trying to get there.”

This in no way suggests a half-hearted approach towards what you want to achieve.

Instead, when you detach yourself from the result of your goal, and become aware of your journey, you’ll be able to approach any goal with more confidence and experience a sense of fulfilment which is unparalleled.

I urge and invite you try this approach out with great love and respect.


This brings me to the end of this episode. If you have any questions feel free to hit me up on social on #padenslife or you can comment on the blog comments.

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Remember “What You Want Matters and It’s Up to You to Make It Happen.”

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