Episode #2

This Maybe Keeping You From Reaching Your Goals

Do you find yourself getting distracted from what you want to achieve. Is it difficult to stay on track and pursue your goals.?

So, today I want to talk to you about shifting the focus from ‘how difficult something is’ to ‘how can something be made simple instead

From my coaching experience, I’ve found that many people tend to struggle because of their lack of focus. They tend to focus on their challenges rather than on their goals.

Now, even though this is not their fault, by loosing focus, they are making the whole journey of taking action way way more complicated than it actually is.

Learning to focus on our goals rather than on the challenges is a critical and learnable skill.

So, how do we do learn to focus?

Step 1: Asking yourself whether this goal that you’re pursuing really matters to you

Often times what happens is we buy into an idea of success which is not ours rather it’s our parents or loved ones. So ,do the exercise of figuring out the reason why you’re pursuing what you are in life.

Does it make you feel happy. It’s a feeling does it get you excited if not you may want to look into it, is it really something that you care about.

Step 2: Taking action consciously

See if you’re trying to start a business or loose weight for example, you’ll have to take action. This means there are times when it’ll be difficult, it may even feel only.

But by understanding that it’s a price to pay often times people get upset or even sad about it and may loose focus. Now, the alternative really is to be conscious of your actions.

The journey will not become less difficult but your attitude towards it can certainly make all the difference. Don’t begrudge yourself for paying the price.

Step 3: Learning the difference between what you can control and what you can’t control

90% of the times, things happen to us but how we respond to these things that aren’t in our control determines where we’re focusing our energies.

Each time you find your focus getting distracted, check these three things- Is the goal meaningful to you, is it really important and can you really do something about it or is out of your control.

So a quick recap to learn how to focus your energy

1. Pursuing a worthwhile goal 2. Knowing the exact reason why you’re pursuing this goal in the first place and 3. Working on what you can control, don’t waste your energy thinking about things that are outside of your control


So, that’s my time. If this episode helped you, do share it with your friends.

I’ll be back next week with a brand new episode to help you get more productive and closer to your goals.

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Till next week remember “What You Want Matters and It’s Up to You to Make It Happen.”

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