Episode #6

How much money do you need?

How this topic makes you feel determines what beliefs you have about it. Do you feel comfortable talking about it or anxious.

How much do we really need? Today we’re talking about Money!

Did you know that by the time we’re 7 years old we form beliefs about money. Whether it’s good/ bad/ ugly.

How difficult it is to earn and how important our happiness is dependent on the amount of money we earn. At such a young age we form innocent beliefs about money.

Self limiting beliefs about Money

Now the thing with beliefs is that ‘first we form it and then it goes on to form us. What do I mean by this.

As adults, we carry a lot of self-limiting beliefs. Now todays topic is about self limiting belief about money. It’s often difficult to change our beliefs since most of them have been formed every early on in life. And if someone tries then immediately we feel attacked upon.

Say for example: If you have belief that you have to keep earning more money to be happy in life.. Your subconscious mind will do everything in its power to make this belief come true. it’s like self fulfilling prophecy. Since your belief is I need to make more and more money to be happy’, chances are you’ll keep working to make money with little happiness.

This is because your subconscious mind constantly keeps re affirming your belief.

Identifying Self limiting Beliefs

Identifying self-limiting beliefs is critical if we want to change our relationship with money. If you have better beliefs about money, you will be able to earn and be comfortable talking about money and managing it as well.

Okay so today One action thing to do is look at your beliefs about money

Ask yourself two questions:

1. How does Money make me feel? Does it make me feel grateful or fearful and why?

2. Finding your magic number: How much money do I really need to be happy ( meaning all your needs are taken care of). Calculate that number and when you calculate I mean first the needs, and then you get fancy and you come up with a number.

Seldom people calculate this number, you will be shocked with how much you really need to make to be happy. Now this will vary from person to person. But get down and calculate and find your magic number There’s a saying, you can’t hit a target you can’t see. So, decide what does that income figure look like to you. There you have it.


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