Episode #7

Why we tend to remember incomplete tasks better

In today’s episode we are going to be talking about the Ziegarnik effect.

What it is and how you can use it?

How it was discovered?

Later in 1972 two other psychologists named James Heimbach and Jacob Jacoby suggested in a paper that the “jingle” in some advertisements may be due to the Zeigarnik effect,

See no one can fault us if we don’t know something, but when we are know better, we become aware and then it’s our responsibility to do better!

Does this happen to you, when you’ve decide to do something, write it down, don’t finish it, and your brain keeps reminding you of that unfinished task?. This is called the Ziegarnik effect. Today let’s talk more about what it is and how it can help us?

Now that we know that the brain actually tends to remember incomplete tasks more how can we use it to our advantage?

And the moment you’re reminded and you take action, that can make all the difference

It was first observed by the psychologist Bluma Zeigarnik in 1927. She discovered that the brain tends to remember unfinished tasks better than the ones which are done.

She conducted an experiment where she gave participants a series of tasks. For some, they were interrupted halfway, while for others they were allowed to complete the tasks uninterrupted.

The results of the experiment were that the participants were able to recall details of interrupted tasks around 90% better than those that they had been able to complete undisturbed.

Here’s a practical thing you can do.

For a week write your to-Do-List. Next day notice how you’re able to remember the incomplete tasks more. And when you notice the incomplete tasks that moment is a moment of great power. Forget any excuses in that moment when you remember the incomplete task, do something concrete to complete it.

Before you dismiss it remember life is nothing but a collection of moments. what we do, and act in a moment can determine the kind of life we create for ourselves.

Even Nature is on our side, it’s reminding us of these incomplete tasks. The moment we remember about it is when we have to take action.

See, no one can fault us if we don’t know something. But when we know better, we become aware and then it’s our responsibility to do better.

In this case, the moment you remember, take action. That can make a huge difference.


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Till next week remember “What You Want Matters and It’s Up to You to Make It Happen.”

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