Episode #8

Don’t Make Your Journey Harder

Hi, today let’s talk about ‘Giving up’. Now, there’s a problem with these two words ‘give up‘ which I’d like to discuss today.

See when it’s used in a sentence like “Don’t give up on your goals” it’s positive sounding.

However, when you”re trying to pursue your goals. Which can be waking up early and going for a run, or maybe eating healthy or even pursuing a course.

What you’re doing currently

Whatever you’re trying to achieve at some point your mind will tell you that you’re giving up something. Something like ‘you’re missing out on the fun of eating what you like, or sleeping late, or going for a party’

And when you start thinking about yes I am giving up on things there lies the danger. So why not change the way we think about it? If you’re thinking ‘damn this sucks I’m giving up xyz’ it’s so hard. Then the journey is going to be even more harder and difficult.


If you start thinking about ‘giving up’ in a different light such as I’m in control, I’m choosing to give it up because it’s not in sync with what I want. I want to do XYZ and this thing I’m craving is such temporary.

Like all things of course it’ll take time. But every time you have a craving, you remind yourself that it’s a temporary craving and it’s not in sync with what you want, eventually it won’t feel like you’re ‘giving up’ something, instead you’ll know that even if you crave it, it’s not the right thing for you. Let’s take the example fo getting healthy. You want to loose weight you’ll have to eat healthy and exercise. Period. Will you feel like doing this all day every day, hell no. Will you crave unhealthy tasty fried stuff, absolutely. When you crave this and you remind yourself of your goal of getting healthy then the temptation may not go away completely but you’ll start making a mindset shift.

I promise you that when you change your perspective about giving up the journey will become a lot simpler.

Now to that 1 thing you can do

You can get very specific about what you want to achieve i.e. set your goals which will tell you exactly what you want to achieve. So the next time you have a craving, which can be anything simply ask yourself is this in sync with what I want to achieve, if it isn’t let it go without thinking you’re ‘giving up something’!

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Till next week, remember “What You Want Matters and It’s Up to You to Make It Happen.”

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