Falling in Love

Updated: May 17

Do you remember the time you fell in love?

You had butterflies in your stomach, you liked cheesy songs and generally everything seemed right with the world.

Hi and welcome to Action-Ables. If you’re new here, I’d like to quickly introduce myself. My name’s Paden I’m a performance life coach and CEO of Up It. If you’re a returning listening, thank you for showing up.So today, we’re talking about falling in love with your goals!

Let’s take the analogy of falling in love with another human being. It starts off with experiencing a high as if from a drug. In this phase we do everything to woo, impress and show affection to our beloved. 

Once this high wears off, is where the real relationship kicks in. The relationship challenges begin to surface and if both people are committed they are able to build a long lasting and loving relationship. Or it ends.

Now, if you’re wondering how this analogy relates to your goals.

Here’s how. When you think about pursuing a goal and you start making efforts towards the realisation of that goal, you may feel extremely energised and even experience the same kind of high as being in love.

The next stage is where you hit upon challenges, what was once exciting to do, begins to seem painful. And in the last stage one of two things happen, just like in the case of a relationship. You either learn to go through the challenges and you make it or you give up!

Obviously, we’d like the result to be the former one. Where you learn to deal with your challenges and eventually are able to realise your goal. However, for this to happen you need to understand how to pursue your goals just like once the honeymoon period ends in a relationship.

After two people have been in love for a while, it is natural, they’ll start to experience some challenges with their partner. However, if both partners are committed they will resolve their issues. With your goals, it’s the same thing.

Your partner is the goal you want to achieve. Your goal, your partner has clearly defined what they need you to do i.e. all the necessary things you need to do. Your part in the relationship is to do those necessary things. Will it be easy, hell no. But when you real life partner tells you what they need of you do you tell them off? Do you say ‘oh honey, it’s too difficult to do” No, you go ahead and do it. Because your partner expects you to do those things. It’s not a negotiable choice. You do it for them, for your relationship.

So, when your goals become challenging, remember the expectation of you is to do the necessary things, whether you feel like doing them or not.

Now, it’s not all doom and gloom. Just like a healthy human relationship requires both partners to keep the spark alive. While pursuing your goals, you can do the same thing.

While it’ll be challenging to pursue your goal, it’s entirely upto you how you go about it. That’s right! You can choose your attitude how you pursue your goals. You don’t need to learn to fall in love with the process of reaching your goals, but you should fall in love with the feeling you want to experience when you realize your goal.

So, here’s a simple technique you can use

1. Think about what you want to do

2. Start taking action toward that goal

3. Observe how you feel when you have to take action and then tell yourself you enjoy it

4. Of course at first it’ll seem silly, but try it. If you can learn to rewire your brain to do this, you’ll be able to take the actions you need to take without them being so painful!

Think about what kind of love story you want to create with your goals. And remember falling in love is the easiest part. But it requires time, effort, patience and even techniques to have a successful relationship. How you go about creating this love story is completely up to you.

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