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Goal Setting Worksheet

Have you asked yourself what are your life goals? The reason many people don't ask themselves this question is because it may seem daunting to think about goals. But it can get easy with this goal setting worksheet.

It can be daunting to think about goals, only, because we weren't taught to think about them.

Do you remember being taught a subject called -'Life' in school? Schools didn't teach us the importance of setting or reaching our life goals.

We were prepared for the 'corporate life' but not for life as we know it.

If only, we had learnt 'goal setting' as an essential subject in our conventional education. As adults, we would naturally identify and pursue things that mattered to us. 

However, the reality is quite different.

Due to our conventional upbringing, we were impressed upon the importance of good grades. To get good jobs so that we could earn more money.

Somewhere along the way, most of us have bought into the idea of success as only having more money. 

While earning money is a critical goal, there are things that bring equal joy and happiness. Things such having a  loving and healthy relationship with your oneself and others.


- Starting a business

- learning a new skill

- pursuing a childhood hobby

- Writing that book

- Learning to cook 

- The list is endless

 As kids we weren't taught about goals and their importance, therefore, as adults we aren't naturally open to the idea of goal setting.

Intellectually, we may understand the importance of goals. However, since we weren't taught how to go about identifying our goals, we may believe that our goals are too far off and we may never reach them.

And this presents the challenge of identifying your goals. 

How to overcome this challenge?

It's similar to doing something critical. Imagine, your promotion at work depended on the assignment of figuring out your life goals. You will dedicate both the time and effort to get this assignment done.

Not having enough time or resources is barely the thing that keeps us from identifying our goals. So this excuse has to go. 

The only thing that remains then is -whether your goals matter to you and how much?

If they are important, you'll pursue your goals and even reach them successfully. And if they aren't important then you won't.

Call it determination, grit/ will. This is the only differentiator between someone who reaches their goals and who doesn't.

You'll be amazed once you start identifying your goals, you'll also start thinking about how to reach those goals.

Setting goals for yourself will help you get the clarity about the things you want to do in life. Once you have this clarity, you'll be able to make an effective plan on how to purse your goals.

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