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5 Ways To A healthy Relationship With Yourself

Your relationship with yourself is the foundation to everything.  Start having a healthy relationship with yourself  in 5 simple ways.

When you have a good relationship with yourself, you start getting important insights into your life. When you get to know yourself well, you will see yourself and the world around you in a much clearer way. Having a loving relationship with yourself simply means that you consider yourself every day. This consideration includes self respect, self-care, goodwill and self-love. Here are 5 different ways in which you can have a healthy and fulfilling relationship. 

1.Embrace your imperfections

Imperfections are not meant to be controlled or mastered. Some people are so obsessed with putting up a perfect front for the world to see and this has made them forget who they really are. If you are unhappy with your body remember that instead of putting yourself in the sick bed through intense dieting and exercise, you need to treat yourself with love and care. Treat yourself the way you would like someone else to treat you and then you will begin to embrace your imperfections.  

2. Care for your needs

There is a saying that goes, ‘Put your own oxygen mask on before you assist other people’. It means that before you run yourself ragged caring for other people’s needs and wants, stop and asses yourself. Take care of your mind and body and recharge yourself before swooping in to help someone else. When you take care of your own needs, you will have the energy and mindset to take care of someone else’s needs.

3. Be your own best friend

Every time you start talking negatively to yourself and start putting yourself down, think of how you would react if you were talking to someone close to you. Would you tell someone else that they are not good enough or that they are going to fail at something? Then rewrite the script and answer yourself with the same love and compassion that you might show to someone else. 

4. Make time for yourself regularly

Take time out for yourself every day for at least ten minutes. You can sit in silence or read or do other things you love. But make sure that you have this time for yourself every day. Set aside technology and work at this time and focus completely on yourself and your wants and needs.

5.  Meditate

Sitting in stillness with your own thoughts can seem intimidating at first and you might even feel restless. But meditation is the way to gaining access to your deepest thoughts and reinventing your relationship with yourself. What you think, you will become so think positive thoughts and enjoy the stillness within.

Practice kindness and compassion for yourself every day. Everything you do in life is a testimony to yourself and to change the outside, you need to first start with changes on the inside. Only if you truly love and respect yourself can you ever hope to love and respect the people in your life. Building a healthy relationship with yourself takes time but it's the most important thing you can do for yourself.

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