How Much Does a Life Coach Cost?

Let's say you're ready to reach your goals. You believe that a life coach can work with you to reach your goals. But how much does a life coach cost? 

Since the concept of life coaching is fairly recent. There are a lot of preconceived notions regarding the effectiveness and cost of hiring a life coach. If you're considering hiring a life coach for yourself, here are a few things to consider about how much it'll cost you exactly!

1. Is the cost of hiring a life coach the same as a counsellor or a therapist since they are the same?

A lot of people confuse a life coach with a counsellor or a therapist, and while there are certain similarities, there are more dissimilarities.

In essence, a life coach and therapist work towards the growth and betterment of an individual. However, their approaches are different. A life coach focusses on immediate action, while a therapist focusses on slow and gradual improvement.

A therapist focusses on the why, while a life coach asks ‘how’. The former can help you deal with issues such as anxiety, anger, hate, sadness or pain while the latter can help you with issues such as de-motivation, laziness, conquering bad habits, setting goals and reaching them.

To know more about the role of a life coach, read our blog on how a life coach can help you reach your goals.

While the prices may be similar, the role of a life coach and a therapist or a counsellor varies significantly. The price of a good counselling session or even a good coaching session can cost anywhere upward of Rs 1000 for an hourly session.

2. How do I decide the right life coach to work with based on cost?

It is your prerogative to pick the life coach that works well with you. There are number of factors that come into play here – whether you're looking to work with a beginner life coach or an advanced one (this completely depends on what you expect out of your coach – basic direction or long-term commitment).

Do you prefer a male or female life coach, whether you need a life coach with minimal experience or a lot experience, and so on. At the end, you want to be able to work with a good and effective life coach who is compatible with you and someone you are 100% comfortable with. So, when you decide from the countless options available, you will do best to remember what you want your life coach to be able to help you with and how most comfortable you will be while working with that coach.

The prices of a celebrity coach is obviously going to cost you an arm and a leg. However, if you're a humble being and you want to experience coaching before making a big financial commitment, you can consider working with a coach who maybe slightly less experienced but still gets you results.

Remember, experience is not always directly proportional to how much a life coach may charge. Depending on the type of expertise, a coach may charge their services anywhere starting Rs 1000 upward.

3. Will online coaching cost me lesser?

A very flexible aspect of life coaching is that you can choose to have online sessions or one-on-one sessions, according to your convenience. Either way, a life coach’s duty is to ensure your personal growth and build your determination to overcome obstacles and reach what you want to achieve.

In-person sessions will definitely cost you more than online coaching. This is due to costs involved with office space, travel time, and on the availability of the coach you prefer working with.

Online sessions are more pocket friendly and also convenient for both you and your coach. Online coaching can cost you almost half of what it generally costs to have an in-person session.

4. So, How much does a life coach cost?

The cost of a life coach differs greatly. As discussed based on the factors such as experiencemedium of coachingnumber of sessions, etc. need to be considered before searching for a life coach.

In order to understand this better, we have broken it down for you in a more simplified manner.

· Complimentary session

 If you are looking for a demo session or something that gives you more insight into what life coaching is and whether or not it is the right choice for you – you can search for a coach that offers a complimentary session to check whether they are a right fit for you.

· Subscription Model

 Consider starting small. If you think you’re ready to give life coaching an honest shot, then you can opt for a subscription based option.

The sessions in subscription model are more intensive and work towards a deeper understanding of you and provide you with plans required to help you reach your more immediate goals. These sessions are usually one-on-one. This kind of subscription generally cost you around Rs 2000 to Rs 2500 per month.

A 6-month coaching subscription ensures you longer and more effective sessions. There are also biannual subscriptions which can cost you anywhere starting from about Rs 2000 per month. While, an annual life coaching subscription can cost you from Rs 10,000 upward for an entire month.

Opting for subscription model makes sense, only, if you have gained enough faith in the concept of life coaching and truly feel that it’s the right and progressive path for you. Since this is an ongoing cost, opt for it only if you're ready and willing to work with your coach to achieve results.

· Coaching material 

Many coaches offer their clients after session coaching materials such as workbooks, audiobooks, worksheets to track progress and ensure improvement. Such coaches charge for additional coaching materials or it maybe part of the package you purchase. It depends of the coach really.

You may want to check with your prospective coach regarding such coaching materials before you sign up with them.

Hopefully this article has given you an insight into the factors you should consider before hiring a life coach and how much a life coach can cost you.

If you wish to learn more about our coaching subscriptions and whether we can be a right fit for your coaching needs, check out our Pricing page.

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