How to Change a Habit?

Updated: Oct 17

You already know how difficult it is to form a new habit or get rid of an old one. But if you learn to do just One thing it becomes super simple!

So if you’d like to create a habit for yourself or get rid of that old habit you know the one that you’ve been thinking of doing for the longest time then stay tuned!

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Do you remember the time when you started watching movies till 2 in the morning and eating junk while watching those movies, or perhaps just eating junk at a particular time of the day?

Well, if these have become full blown habits chances are you don’t remember how it started. Because that’s how it works. We don’t remember the time when we first started to walk, talk, drive or brush our teeth, right? Because that’s how habits work. First we do something consciously and then after couple of days, it becomes automatic.

So we’re all familiar with the importance of having good habits and empowered habits and how they can help us reach our goals and yet we may have picked up habits that no longer serve us.

So first step is to obviously identify the habit that you’d like to change for yourself.

Now it’s time for something called as Did You Know?

Did you know that instead of trying to get rid of a negative habit, it’s much simpler to do something called as habit stacking.

This is how you do habit stacking.

Let’s say for example, you have the habit of eating junk food at a particular time of the day. Instead of trying to give up eating junk food completely how about you try to replace the junk food by eating something healthy. So you could start with eating junk food along with say something healthy such as a salad, and slowly wean yourself off. It works like magic!

Okay if you’re saying this sounds good but what is the One thing that I mentioned about it getting simpler to form new habits, well here it is.

However before I tell you what it is, I have to tell you what you should avoid doing completely.

When you want to change a habit or create a new habit the thing that most people do is they put so much pressure on themselves that they get extremely stressed out by that habit that they they’re trying to create or either get rid of. This is the number one mistake that a lot of people do which is why it becomes extremely difficult to create that habit or even change it. Here is the thing that you should be doing.

Instead of getting worked up about this habit that you’re trying to create or change you have to train your mind to believe that this is something you want to do on purpose. Now when you make this mental shift from being stressed out to saying that you want to do it on purpose something happens internally. If you are mindful to this one thing then habit creation becomes much simpler to do.

Instead of associating stress with this habit associate a positive emotion or a positive feeling with it. So instead of saying that you’re giving up on junk food or instead of feeling that you have to put yourself through an exercise routine how about you make that internal shift of saying that this is something that you want to do, this is something that you’re excited about doing.

Recent studies shows that it takes about 66 days for a new habit to be formed and not 21 days.

The trick is to really enjoy what you’re doing and not get stressed with it.

I know you might be thinking that this sounds super simple but I told you it is simple and yet effective. Try it before you dismiss it.

So what’s that one habit you’d like to change for yourself? Try this hack and tell me in the comments below what your experience is like.

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