How to Overcome Fear of Failure

Updated: Oct 17

It’s not like you don’t already know what you need to in order to pursue your goals.

More of less you have a broad idea. So the lack of knowledge is not what’s holding you back.

So could it be thoughts such as What if I don’t succeed, what if I fail? What will people say? Club them altogether and you get yourself the fear of failure.

Now this fear of failure is not uncommon. However left unchecked and it’s going to cost you your goals.

So in this episode, we’re going to talk about what you can do to overcome this fear of failure practically, the one thing that you can do and hint- it has something to do with what lawyers do! So stick around.

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As is the case with any fear the person who experiences this fear may genuinely believe that they are not strong enough to overcome this fear. They may want to avoid getting hurt and disappointed which is understandable. But there might be many reasons as to why someone has this fear of failure.

Now most psychologists say that the reason why somebody who has a full blown fear of failure is not because they just want to avoid getting hurt or disappointed but mostly because they may want to avoid feeling ashamed of themselves.

This is how it works. Shame is such a toxic emotion that when certain people take action or don’t take action and don’t get the desired results they take that failure and make it about themselves. Instead of accessing what went wrong, what could be improved upon they take that failure and associate it with their worthiness.

Which is severely a damaging thing to do!

No matter what causes this fear of failure unless and until you choose to get over it you will always be held back.

The biggest disadvantage of allowing this fear of failure to control you is that you’ll never really know the outcome of what you’re trying to pursue.

Think about it this way, what is the worst thing that can happen if you were to listen to yourself and pursue your goals?

The very worst thing, like imagine the worst-case scenario.

It will not come to that and even if it does guess what you can figure it out!

Like any fear the fear of failure can also be overcome by facing it.

I know how overtly simplistic that may sound. However, here’s an example.

For the longest time I was scared of flying. Before every flight I get extremely anxious. However the fear of flying hasn’t kept me from actually flying because that would be absurd.

So the point I’m trying to make is that no matter what you’re afraid of and specifically this fear of failure that’s keeping you and holding you back from even trying to do what you want, will always hold you back unless and until you take action despite your fear.

You do not have to sit in your fear and not let it control you. What you can do instead is acknowledge that yes I’m scared, yes this is something that I’m not kicked about doing, but this is something I need to do.

So even though I’m scared of doing it, I’m going to pick myself up and do what’s necessary and take action despite my fear.

So that is actually, the place where you start to face your fear of failure.

And now let’s talk about how to get over this fear using what a lawyer would do!

We’re going to use something called as beyond a reasonable doubt.

So this is what reasonable doubt in law means.

So this is how it works. The best way to deal with any fear and specifically with the fear of failure is to first deal with your doubts.

Identify what are those doubts that you have about you succeeding. All the things that you think can go wrong identify, and list them down.

Second is you’re going to create doubt about your doubts. Stay with me it’s very simple!

Just like you go out actively seeking for all the evidences that you’re not going to be able to succeed, what I’m suggesting is flip it around and actively look out for evidences that you may.

For example, if you truly want to do something all you need to do is go out and find one person who has done it. And in most cases than not, you’ll find that there’s someone somewhere who has done what you want to do. Which means you do not know 100% that you’re going to fail. Ask yourself like why do you need to doubt you’re going to fail? What if instead you start seeking for reasons that you may succeed.

So what that means is, without a reasonable doubt, is that you can’t be so certain that you’re going to fail.

So without a reasonable doubt I’d say that your fear of failure is simply a fear and if you want to truly pursue and reach your goals, then you’ll have to go out and look for reasons to doubt your doubts. All you need to do is find evidence to doubt your doubts.

I hope this is helpful. Tell me in the comments below how you are trying to overcome your fear of failure, I’d love to hear your thoughts. I’ll see you next week.

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For personalised help with your goals, check out the resources mentioned in the link below.

And don’t forget what you want matters and it’s really up to you to make it happen.

Stay healthy, stay happy, I’ll see you next week!

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