How to select the right life coach?

Everyone's life is filled with relationships.

We meet a lot of people as we live our lives, go places and do things. From picking ‘best friends’ as children, to trying to find ‘the one’ while looking for a life partner, our screening process has seen quite the evolution.

Keeping this in mind, finding a life coach is no joking matter, either. It's important to strike the right chord with a life coach and deem them compatible with your emotional, physical and intellectual requirements.

To make the selection process a little easier, here are some questions that we believe will help you before choose ‘the one’ coach for yourself.

· What aspect of your life do you think needs coaching?

If you think it’s time you hired a life coach to help you with your goals, it’s better to have clarity about yourself and what part of your life needs coaching. This can be a confusing ordeal as a many aspects tend to overlap sometimes.

Here’s our suggestion – seek the counsel of some people before coming to an informed decision. Speak to life coaching agencies about your predicament (we’re sure they’d be more than happy to assist you), gain more perspective and finally choose the life coach you feel most comfortable with.

· Do you require a life coach or a counsellor?

In our blog What is Life Coaching and What It Isn't, we talk about the difference between a life coach and a counsellor, and it is a very important distinction that you need to consider before choosing a life coach. To recapitulate, a life coach will help you take positive action towards reaching your goals, in the best way possible. A counsellor will help you cope with mental, emotional and psychological issues you may be facing.

Let's be even more direct – if you feel that you’re lost and looking for answers, you require a counsellor’s help. If you feel like you know what you want, but are having trouble getting there, seek out the services of a life coach.

· Are you willing to work on the problem you have/challenges you face?

A life coach cannot and will not persuade you into doing anything you’re not comfortable with. You can only be pushed as far as you’d like to be pushed. In order to make this exchange more fruitful, you will have to be willing to diligently and whole-heartedly work on your problem areas, and open-minded enough to embrace changing circumstances. Unless there is initiative from your end, a life coach will not be able take you under their wing and help you unlock your potential.

· What is your budget?

A sound financial situation is important before you decide to take on the expertise of a life coach. It is not exactly a pocket-friendly experience. That said, there are subscriptions you can find to suit your pocket and your requirements. You can read our blog on How Much Does a Life Coach Cost, in order to understand the essentials of the financial upkeep of having a life coach. Once you have a budget in place, you can narrow down on your options and choose an efficient life coaching experience that helps you reach your goals, effectively.

· How about some trial and error?

While selecting a life coach you should take all the time you need to choose a person you're compatible with, who suits your requirements and makes you feel motivated to work hard and push yourself.

In order to come across this dream match, you could consider taking some free sessions with different life coaches and see which one fits the bill. Most life coaches offer at least one free session with a life coach, so that you can make the right choice before investing any money into life coaching.

· Why not make it more personalised?

Apart from doing some practice runs for the kind of life coach you need, you can further your specifications and ask for your preference of gender and the mode of life coaching. You can choose a male or female life coach depending on your comfort level.

We do recommend that you look at the experience and efficiency of the life coach as gender holds little or no value, in such a decision. You can also see which mode suits you best – online or face-to-face. If you have a nine-to-five job, then online sessions might suit you best. If you’re a businessman or a student, you might prefer a more personal approach.

Lastly, be 100% sure you're ready to work with a life coach before you go ahead and select one. In the end, the thing that matters most is that the right coach be instrumental to help you reach your goals.

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