How to Start Making Changes

Updated: May 17

Happy New Year!

Nothing Changes. If Nothing Changes

We’ve all heard the saying “great things don’t come from comfort zones” and yet we hold on tightly to our comfort zones, perhaps afraid to make changes, that we know we have to make.

In this episode, we’re going to look at how to start making changes that’ll get you results.

Some people, thrive when their situations aren’t predictable and certain.

Think about some of the people who’ve faced severe life challenges and still have gone on to achieve phenomenal success in life. Even though the odds were stacked heavily against them they didn’t just survive they excelled.

How did they manage to do this? And why did they even bother?

Well surely if you’re born into poverty, no one expects you to become successful, in fact it’s expected that you won’t amount to much in life. Or if you have a physical disability no one expects you to do something noteworthy, in facts it’s often accepted that your disability is a limiting factor and weakness.

Now these are common societal norms and yet there are several people whom we know have not just broken but shattered such norms.

It turns out every single person who’s ever had to overcome severe challenges, they were able to do that because they didn’t accept the status Quo. They rejected their limiting circumstances and decided to make changes and do better!

This simple sounding mindset alone can make anyone view their current life situation from an empowered perspective.

See, once you decide that you would like to reach your goals, and you’re not okay with your status quo, you’ll soon realise that to reach your goals you’ll have to make changes.

Changes that’ll feel painful and even impossible.

But once you understand that making changes is going to be difficult. And when you don’t expect it to be otherwise that’s when things really can turn around.

To make the required changes you have to have to train your mind to accept a simple fact, which is, ‘In order for you to get the results you want, you’ll have to make the required changes.

There are only two options. One, make the required changes and get the results you want or second, don’t make changes, don’t get results you want. You have to choose one option.

Very often, people get terrified of making the required changes because they keep thinking of how difficult it’s going to be. It’s like they’ve convinced themselves that it’ll be so difficult, so they think why to even bother.

If you are scared of making changes in your life, you have to stop thinking about how difficult and painful it’s going to be to make the changes. Instead of thinking how hard it’ll be to change, figure out what steps you can take to make those changes.

See when you force your mind to solve a problem, your fear takes a backseat, so you just got to trick your mind into thinking about what action you have to take rather than being stuck in the thought about how difficult it’s going to be to make changes.

I know it’s not easy to do this. But I believe that the joy of reaching what you want will outlive the pain you think you’ll have to go through to reach that goal.

It really boils down to if you can push yourself through all the discomfort, you’ll be able to take better action toward your goals.

So, that’s my time. I hope this episode helped you and you have a great start to a new year.

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