How to Stay On Track with Your Goals

Updated: May 17

A body will remain at rest or in motion unless an external force acts upon it. Newton’s First law of motion. Similarly, if you want to stay on track with your goals, you’ll have to apply some force.

Hi and welcome to another episode of Action-Ables. In this episode, let’s look at what you can do to stay on track with your goals.

This episode is highly specific to those of you who are already pursuing a goal (no matter how big or small) it may be. For those of who, who are yet to start pursuing a goal, this will become beneficial when you do start your journey. So let’s explore this.

Here’s a scenario, you’ve finally started to pursue that goal, let’s say waking up earlier than usual and hitting the gym. It’s been painful to wake up early but you’ve managed to do it for a couple of days now. You’ve been forcing yourself to do it and every day it’s becoming increasingly difficult to stay on track with your goals.

Now replace this scenario with something that’s more relevant to you. Whether it’s trying to eat healthy, learning a new key skill at work, pursuing a hobby even. Any and all of these goals are difficult to pursue and at some point, it seems impossible to stay on track with these goals.

So what can you do to stay on track with your goals?

Besides taking the relevant action steps, here are Two things, which I believe, will increase your chances on staying on track with your goals.

First, you have to understand and practice this fact that it’ll almost never feel like it’s easy to take action. I’ll say that again. It’ll almost never feel easy for you to do the things that are required to be done. So, stop expecting it to become easier!

I know it sounds a bit harsh and even scary but the sooner you accept this fact that what you want to achieve will always seem challenging. There’ll hardly be a time where you feel like ‘hey it’s so easy to get up and take action‘ Because no matter for how long you’re at it, you’ll never feel either kicked about taking action or find it easy to take action. The sooner you accept this, the better off you will be.

You’ll just have to get used to taking action, without waiting to ‘feel’ like taking action. Which is where setting personal routines is critical. When you schedule a time and place to take action and just do it, you don’t allow doubt to creep up on you!

The second thing, is to set your personal standards. You can call it self-image, self worth, a healthy ego or hey even an alter ego. Whatever, you want to name it, as long as it gets you fired up. Once you expect yourself to achieve what you want, and you refuse to settle, your actions will line up and support that image you have of yourself.

Without doing this however, you’ll always find yourself second guessing both your intent to achieve your goals and even your actions. So think about that for a second, if you’re constantly thinking about whether you should or shouldn’t do something to pursue your goals, you’re wasting both time and precious energy.

How about you do this exercise once and for all. If this goal you’re pursuing is important, you may want to be clear Why it means so much to you, what’s the course of action you have to take toward this goal and how it’ll make you feel to not take action and not reach your goals. These are questions worth asking early on in your journey.

Setting personal standards is key to being self aware and it helps you understand what you want. Setting personal standards also doesn’t just apply to pursuing your goals. It also helps you create the quality of life and relationships you want to have in your life. Only once you expect the best of yourself, can you expect yourself to take the best course of action and refuse to settle for anything other than your personal best!

So, there you have it, those are the two key things you can do when you want to stay on track with your goals.

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