How to Think about Your Goals

Updated: Oct 17

If you’re finding it difficult to pursue your goals in life, it has little to do with the lack of resources instead it has a lot to do with the way you think about your goals. So if you want to increase your chances of reaching your goals, you have to consider how you’re thinking about your goals in the first place.

Hi and welcome to another episode of Up It and the Action-Ables podcast. My name’s Paden. I’m a performance life coach and the CEO of Up It.

In this episode, let’s talk about how you should be thinking about your goals. In other words what is the mindset you need to develop in order to reach your life goals.

Here’s an Albert Einstein quote which you may already know “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them”

Which essentially means that if you’re finding it difficult to do something, perhaps you need to change the way you’re thinking about that situation.

The interesting thing to note here is that whatever you’re trying to accomplish you already know deep down what you need to do in order to reach that goal. You may not know the exact technical steps but you can always get the right training for that. However, the lack of these skills in’t what’s holding you back it’s the lack of a proper mindset.

Think about how crazy it is that most of us weren’t taught to develop a mindset to pursue and reach goals. But what if it was normal. What if we were taught to think about our goals and ways to reach them. Instead most of us were taught to only concentrate on skillsets and work hard on acquiring more skillsets which are important however all the skillsets without a sound mindset isn’t going to help you.

Take the example of every person who’s ever reached their true potential, they’ve been able to reach their goals not necessarily because they had the right skills and resources at their disposal but primarily because they developed the right mindset to achieve their goals.

So what does this proper mindset look like?

Your mindset largely depends on the thoughts that you have. Call it positive thinking but the amount of positive thoughts that you can have will definitely shape your mindset and make it a healthier one and thus cause you to take better and more positive action toward your goals.

Another important element of this mindset is resilience. I honestly believe that resilience is the price of admission or the price that you to achieve your goals. The more resilient you can be in your mindset, the more resilient you will be in your actions and face your challenges and be able to reach your goals much faster, better and more efficiently.

So lets take look at three practical steps for developing this proper mindset needed to pursue your goals.

First is Realise

In order to reach your goals you first need to wake up to the realisation that you have goals that you’d like to accomplish for yourself and that these goals are important. How do you have these realisations? It’s simple you ask yourself.

Learning to ask yourself is about having better conversation with yourself and it is a single most important skill that you can have in life. Once you learn to have better conversations with yourself, you’ll have deeper realisations which can ultimately lead you to what you truly want to pursue in your life.

Second, is to Choose

Once you have the realisation, it’s about making a choice. Will you choose to go after your goals or will you choose to be scared.

To have a realisation is very simple and even easy. What you do after you have this realisation is what sets things into motion. Will you choose to go after your goals or will you choose to think about everything that stands in the way of making your goals a reality. The fact is that we are always choosing one over the other. So make your choice. It won’t be easy but it’ll definitely be worth it.

You owe it to yourself to pursue what you truly want. If you’ve had the realisation, that realisation didn’t just happen to you, it happened because your higher consciousness is trying to get you to listen. Call it god, purpose or even the universe, if you will, it’s trying to get you to choose, so choose your goals over your fears.

And third is Respond

Once you’ve had the realisation that you have goals that you’d like to accomplish and you’ve chosen to see them through the third step towards building a proper mindset is to respond how to take action toward your goal.

Now think about this as taking care of a baby. Just like a baby won’t care how stressed you are, how tired you are as long as their needs are being met, your goal demands consistent action from you on a daily basis. It doesn’t care how tired, stressed you are. It’s your goal it’s your responsibility.

So be extremely mindful how you choose to take action toward your goal.

Very often people can fall prey to thinking about their goals from a victim mentality. For example, they may think of their goals as something that they have to do instead of something they’ve chosen to do. So be extremely careful of how you’re responding and taking action. It’s your goal so choose to respond and take action with love, attentiveness and gentleness.

Now even though these steps are practical they are definitely not easy. Whenever you want to practice these steps your own mind may come in the way.

At any given point in time your mind is either working for you or against you. It’s up to you to be aware of the state of your mind and to train it to work for you.

Developing the healthy proper mindset is definitely not a three part process but an ongoing one. There’ll never be a time where you can say that you’ve reached an ideal mindset, however, it’s about having positive instances where you win over your mind’s negative and limiting beliefs.

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