How you can expect a breakthrough with life coaching?

What's a breakthrough?

A breakthrough is an intense feeling of either accomplishment or a powerful insight. It’s one of the most amazing feelings in the world, when you've realised something powerful either in your thoughts or actions.

Every little thing we accomplish gives us a little more confidence. It gives us the motivation to persevere until we overcome, succeed and or conquer what we want.

When we have someone to support us and constantly push us to do better and better, our chances at success increase immensely. A life coach can help you accomplish your goals by first having smaller breakthroughs leading up to the realisation of your end goal.

Different life coaches specialise in different fields and may have different strategies and techniques to elicit the best out of a person. Let’s take a look at some of the factors to consider if you're serious about having a breakthrough while working with a life coach.

· Analysis and Assessment

The first step for any life coach is to insightfully assess and understand their clients.

Building a good rapport with you; understanding and identifying your needs, psyche, problem areas, strengths and weaknesses is all part of getting to know you and it is only then that the coaching process begins.

· Building Trust

A life coach understands that in order for you to rely on their expertise, they first need to establish trust and reliability. After all, you can’t be expected to work with someone you don’t fully trust.

While it’s a life coach’s responsibility to understand you better, it is up to you, in turn, to make sure you are compatible and comfortable with your life coach, and most importantly have faith in them.

The more you're able to build this trust, it can help you become more coachable and take the necessary actions toward your goals.

· Progress is progress

Every little step counts. A big part of the life coaching experience is positive reinforcement. For every small breakthrough or every goal accomplished, a life coach will encourage you to reward yourself and feel proud of your accomplishments.

Rewarding yourself for a job well-done will motivate you to persist and follow through to the end.

· Understanding individuality

A life coach doesn’t draw comparisons. (S)he understands that you’re a unique individual and will prepare a plan that’s specific only to you, your requirements, your stamina and your health.

You can make big strides only if you’re allowed to be yourself to the greatest degree possible. Remember, "Make no mistake, you’re a once in a lifetime mega event in the universe"- Marie Forleo

· Asking difficult questions

Asking and addressing questions that might make you think hard, understand yourself and putting things into better perspective are part of a life coach’s scope of work.

Asking you difficult questions can lead you to arrive on powerful insights and better understanding of you situation and challenges.

· Accepting failure

If you’re hoping to have breakthrough during your coaching session, then failing or a having a setback is quite an important precursor. Without accepting failure, embracing victory seems rather anticlimactic.

When you learn to accept failure, you can begin to work accordingly to accomplish your goals.

· Remember why you’re doing this

Once you’ve decided on a particular goal and are actively trying to pursue it, remember why you started out in the first place, what it means to you to accomplish that goal, and how it’s going to make your life better in the long run.

A life coach will remind you why your goals are worth following through to the very end. Your motivation for achieving your goals plays a critical role in expecting and having a breakthrough!

· Remember to relax

While it’s very important to work towards having that breakthrough you’ve been looking forward to since you started, it’s important to be patient and also to  be able to rest where you need. Analyse how you’ve gone about doing your tasks, how much progress you’ve made and how you’re going to continue staying motivated.

Work and play. Remember to have fun while you work toward your goals.

· Talk to your life coach

If at any point you need friendly advice, feel stuck, de-motivated or uninspired, feel free to have an open dialogue with your life coach – help them understand the issues you’re facing and seek solutions to tackle them.

It’s all about communication and if that breaks down, you will find it extremely difficult to focus on the task at hand. A life coach is always willing to listen to your problems, opinions and feedback.

The journey of having a breakthrough during life coaching is not an easy one; you need to keep the above factors in mind before you take your first steps.

There aren't designated number of hours, days or weeks in which you are guaranteed to have a breakthrough. It depends completely on your acceptance, your willingness to adapt and your drive to achieve your goal.

Your life coach will be there for you – to guide, inspire and support you through it all. But you have to expect to have the breakthrough.

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