Improve Your Mood with these Mood Boosters

How often does it happen that we may end up saying something and even doing something just because we are in a bad mood.

Because you’ll agree with me not everything is rainbow and sunshine right? Especially this crazy year that we’re having.

Every single one of us has mood swings, we feel up and down and that is only natural.  

So what if you could have tools that could help you improve your mood on the go. 

This episode is for you if you want to know how to improve your mood and to get out of a bad one quickly.

Hi and welcome back to another episode of Up It and the Action-Ables podcast. If you’re a returning viewer or a listener, thank you for tuning back in. If you’re new here, welcome my name is Paden.

For content that can help you move toward your life goals, that is what this channel is all about and we post and we bring you fresh weekly content every Saturday.  

In today’s episode we’re going to be discussing some mood boosting tips that will help you to get out of a bad funky mood real quickly. 

Because no one likes to stay in a bad mood for too long, right!

I hope you said yes and with that let’s get into it.

Let me start this off by saying that every single one of us has mood swings. However, if your mood swings cause you dysfunction with normal day to day activities then obviously go ahead and consult a certified physician. This is for those of us who have shorter periods of mood swings and would like to learn how to deal with them in a much better way. 

This expression being in a mood really means when someone is in the mood to do something or not want to do something. So for example, you may not be in a mood to talk to somebody or vice versa.  

We may often hear this expression ‘they are in a real mood’ which implies that they may not be in such a great one.

When you’re trying to achieve your goals, I’m sure you’ll agree with me that your time and your feelings are your biggest resources.

Let me explain.

Out of the 24 hours you have what you do with your time and where you spend your time and your feelings are extremely critical.

So obviously you can’t be wasting these precious resources. I mean you can but if you’re serious about reaching your goals then you’d rather not waste them.

So while being human it’s impossible not to get into a bad mood, it is completely up to us how soon we choose to get out of a bad funky mood.

Because you might not have control over what gets you down but you sure as hell have control over how you choose to bounce back from a bad mood.

So if you’re with me and want to know some mood boosting tips that can help you, then leave me a comment below and tell me what you do to get out of a bad funky mood!

Now before getting into the mood boosting tips I’d like to walk you through two steps that could really help you maximise the impact that these mood boosting tips can have. So let’s get into that first.

Step no 1. is to identify the mood that you’re slipping into.

Some obvious physical signs of being in a bad mood would be you’d frown like this, you’d clench your fists and you may have rushed breathing.

Step no. 2 after you’ve identified the mood you’re in, is to go ahead, lighten up and give it a name. 

So I have fun like by naming some of my moods like grumpy Paden or angry Paden or doesn’t want to talk to talk to anyone Paden

Try to be humorous and come up with a name that matches your mood, it’ll help with the mood, pun intended.

Now that we’ve talked about these steps let's get into five mood boosting tips that can really help you get out of a jam much faster. 

Tip no. 1 is physically move your body and go do something that you actually like doing. For example, I prefer playing the piano or learning Spanish.

So go and find something to do that you’ll really enjoy for the pure joy of it. If you don’t have a hobby, now might be a good time to explore what you truly like doing.

Out of so many things that life has to offer, find out what you’d like to do. Singing, dancing, reading, gaming, learning a new instrument, go figure!

Tip no. 2 is take a nap

Every time you’re stressed go take a nap you’ll release endorphins and when you wake up you’ll feel much better

Tip no. 3 is Listen to a favourite track/music

Personally, I feel that eastern healing sounds can really lift your mood instantly. I’m gonna drop some links in so be sure to check that out if you want.

Eastern healing Sounds:

Otherwise go jam to your favourite track or music like whether it is Bollywood,  Pop, Hip-hop, Rock. Take some time out to jam to your favourite music or track, it’ll really help with your mood. 

Tip no. 4 is phone a friend 

Now use this one carefully. You do not want to call somebody and stress them out with your problem but use it in a way that you call them and probably talk about something which is completely unrelated.

You don’t have to get into what is actually getting you down. I mean you may or may not depending on your friendship and the relationship you share with the person but my suggestion would be to talk about something completely unrelated.

You’ll experience that after that phone call you’ll feel much better because the focus would have shifted from what was actually weighing you down. So try this one out.

Tip no. 5 which comes with a huge warning. Tip no. 5 is watch cat videos or Netflix. Now come on, there is no judgement over here. Personally I’ll agree that every time I’m stressed out I like to play with my cats, watch some cat videos, and also Netflix on, guilty but, K Drama.

Whatever your style and preference, go do that.

But hey we’ve got some things to do, right? So we want to use this one with utter discretion. We don’t want to use it as a crutch to waste time but we do want to use this option every time we’re stressed out and want to get out of a jam.  

I don’t believe and endorse in any way that we should only be working. Everybody deserves a break!

It’s just about being mindful of how much time you need to recharge your batteries, it’s all subjective, so you do what works for you!

So these are some of the mood boosting tips, leave me a comment below on how you liked them and which one resonated the most with you.

If you need further help with your life goals, we’ve created a checklist that can help you pursue your goals in a much better and simpler way. Be sure to check that out the link is mentioned in the description below.   

Download FREE Checklist for Goals:

If this episode resonated with you then share it with a friend. I’ll see you next week.

Meanwhile don’t forget what you want matters and it’s really up to you to make it happen!

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