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Improving Your Relationship Doesn't Have To Be Hard. Read These 5 Tips

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

Over the weekend, I watched the movie-‘Isn’t it romantic’, featuring Rebel Wilson. It’s a sweet movie which takes a dig at romantic comedies, while being one. Without much spoilers, the main character, Natalie (Rebel Wilson), learns that it’s important to fall in love with oneself before falling for anyone else.

Here’s hoping, that just like Natalie, you have a healthy amount of self love, and you can then use the following ways to improve your current or even future relationships.

Bring your best self forward

Quality time



Do’s & Don’ts

Common Ground

1. Bring your best self forward

You must have heard the saying “Unless you love yourself, you can’t truly love someone else.” So, what does loving yourself mean exactly? It means, learning things about yourself and then loving those things. What inspires you as an individual is very important to the quality of spouse you are to your partner. What are your priorities in life? What do you want to do for yourself? You got to have a life of your own before you want to create a life with someone else. And to do that you’ll need to get in touch with yourself. Remember, just because you want to explore yourself, it doesn't mean your partner is less important to you. Instead, the best thing you can do for your partner is, to show up in the relationship as your best self. And that’ll only happen if you explore yourself.

You could start with a simple journal habit. Writing down one’s thoughts has a huge impact. You could use an online journal such as Penzu or even a good old diary will do.

For more inspiration on how to love yourself, check out this interview of Radhi Shetty, wife of Jay Shetty

2. Quality Time

When you’re not able to spend enough time with each other, it’s easy to feel disconnected. With crazy work hours and a million other things to do in between, making your partner feel important is a challenge. So, what can be done about that? We don’t believe in just spending quality time with your partner once a week. In addition to date nights, we recommend whatever time you spend with your partner to make it quality time. How often have you not heard your partner say something, because you were distracted with that Facebook notification or a ping of WhatsApp ? Being in the moment with your partner is the best quality time you can spend with them.

Next time you’re having a conversation with your partner and the phone buzzes, remember, partner comes before phone!

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3. Talk

I know of a couple who would go days without talking when they were having a fight. This inevitably tore them apart. Lesson learnt from that is to remember to have conversations with your partner, even when you are fighting about something. It’s important to not shut them out especially during a fight. It’s unhealthy and toxic. It’s helpful to realize that the fight is temporary and can always be resolved, not talking and cutting off your partner will definitely not resolve the issue at hand.

Check out this Love Every Day tool

4. Attention

How does it make you feel when someone remembers your likes and dislikes? It’s a comforting feeling to know they took the time to notice. Your partner deserves the same level of attention from you. When they say they liked/disliked something, are you making a mental note of it? The level of attention you pay to your partner shows them how much you care about them.

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5. Do’s & Don’ts

A society runs on rules. Certain rules can’t be violated, period. Why should it be any different in a relationship? Every relationship may be different, but some rules in place never hurt anyone. Discuss with your partner topics such as what can be said/not said/ done/not done, during arguments. Having rules in place, gives both parties a sense of trust and comfort knowing where their relationship stands. Next time there’s an argument, both parties should understand what was agreed upon and strive to hold their end. This is one sure-fire way to see how much you respect your partner and vice-versa.

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6. Common Ground

In the beginning, we discussed the importance of being your own person. While you are your own person and have your own life, to make your relationship stronger you could think about engaging in a common interest. Doing something which you both enjoy is a great way to bond further and have something which is just between you two!

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