Lessons to Learn from this Pandemic

Updated: Oct 17

While we are all waiting anxiously for things to get better, what are some lessons that you can learn from this pandemic that will help you grow in your life. If this sounds interesting, then hang out with me for a couple of minutes. If you haven’t already subscribed be sure to hit that subscribe button.

Hi and welcome to Up It and the Action-Ables podcast. My name’s Paden. I’m a Performance Life Coach and the CEO of Up It.

In this episode, let’s talk about what are some of the lessons that we can learn from what’s happening right now.

For several weeks now we’ve been facing extraordinary challenges and every single one of us wants things to go back to being normal.

In addition to reconnecting physically with friends and other people are there certain things that you want to do once all this is over? Like may be hug a friend, go watch a movie, go to the mall, eat your favourite food at a favourite restaurant?

Well this human ability to anticipate and look forward is the key that’s helping us get through this together.

Another key human ability is our resilience and our fight for survival. And we are doing this right now by staying at home and practicing social distancing.

So we are hopeful that things will get better. And while we’re anticipating better days, if we take the time to learn certain lessons, then we will come out of this much stronger.

So let’s dive into couple of lessons we can learn.

Number 1: Understand the fragility of life

Every single one of us has been scared of what is happening and we have considered the ‘what if’ scenario. What if, we were personally affected by what’s happening or a loved one is. Often times, we fail to acknowledge the value of our lives and without sounding too philosophical, think about it. You’re alive and that means something.

This pandemic has been one of the worst things that can happen to us as human beings, so if this does not help us acknowledge the value of our lives and help us be grateful then what will?

So lesson no 1. is to not take your life for granted instead use the time that you’ve been given to do the things that matter. This starts with asking yourself what is it that matters to you in the first place. You need not go through life without asking yourself important questions. Whether you want to call it your passion or your purpose, even simply asking yourself what is it that you want you to do with the time that you’ve been given can can drastically change your life.

Second- Recognise Your Privilege

Going back to what I was asking you a little earlier. What are the things you want to do once this is over. Such as go to the mall, go shopping, eating your favourite food. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong in looking forward to doing these things. Take a minute and think about it those thousands of people who are severely affected and do not even have access to basic necessities.

If you are at home, with more than enough to eat, have the basic necessities, have access to WIFI, then you’re privileged. And while that should not absolutely not make you feel bad but you should consider about doubling down on those feelings of gratitude.

So lesson no 2. is to really think about the resources that you have. The next time you feel that you don’t have enough. Think about all those people who have far lesser than you have. I know this may sound like a broken record and you may have heard about gratitude and to really think about the things you do have but it takes mindful practice to do this on a regular basis. Every time you feel like you don’t have something think about the things you do have. Use what you have and do the best with it.

As Tony Robbins says “it’s not about the resources you have but it’s about how resourceful you are.”

Third- Shine Your Light

If you search online you’ll be able to see how this pandemic has really brought the best of humanity forward. With neighbours dancing together from a distance, people volunteering to feed stray dogs, or even volunteering with relief funds. It has really restored our faith in empathy and kindness which is actually the innate nature of every human being. A simple act of kindness, a genuine smile, a sincere compliment can go a long way in making someone’s day! And there are several ways to do this.

A. You can choose to highlight someone on Instagram and make their day by appreciating for something they’ve done or said in the past.

B.Ring an old friend and ask them how they are doing

C. You can look a local NGO and really think about ways to helping them either with money or even with providing basic necessities.

So those are some of the lessons we can learn right now. I want to leave you with a thought

Once all this is over and things go back to being normal, with a deeper respect for our lives, to truly pursuing the things that matter and to be loving and kind toward others, what if that became the new normal. How much more meaningful would like be for you.

Tell me what you think in the comments below. I’m excited to hear what you have to say

You can also hit me up on social my handle on Instagram is #paden’slife For personalised help with your life goals, come on over to wwwupitaway.com

And remember we will get through. Till next week, stay safe, stay healthy. I’ll talk to you soon.

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