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Meditation-The Art of Letting Go

We all have felt the weight of the world on our shoulders at least once in our lifetime. Some of us feel like we are just not able to let go of the things that stress us out so much.

It could be an unpaid bill, or an angry boss, or even something as small as someone cutting us off at the traffic signal.  We rant and rave at the universe for giving us a raw deal in life and we fall apart at the slightest tear in our perfectly constructed bubble. But what we don’t realise is that; all of these so-called problems and issues that we have can be solved if only we learn to let go.

Welcome to meditation 101, where you will learn the art of letting go.

Meditation is not all about sitting still and letting your mind wander until suddenly you’re hit by a wave of light and you feel like you have all the answers to life’s problems. Meditation does not make your problems go away, but it will teach you how to deal with these problems in a much better way. Meditation also does not promise to magically bring you happiness, you will have to work at it but the reward will be amazing.

The things that bother you the most come from your external environment. We tend to take the external issues and internalise it, which then results in stress, insomnia and in some cases, depression. But with meditation, you can have a few moments of clarity where you will be able to look at the same issues in a different light.

Meditation has been touted as one of the habits of some of the most successful people in the world. Meditation is all about learning to understand that some things are beyond our control and the only control we really have is how we react to situations. If we perceive a situation to be negative and affect our lives in an adverse manner, it will happen exactly that way. But the moment we realise that we have the power to change the outcome of a situation if only we change the way we react to it, life and its problems seem to become so much easier to handle. And meditation is the one tool that helps us tune our minds to react positively and sensibly to adverse situations.

Meditation helps us not only in relieving stress, but also in improving the quality of our lives. It helps to cure issues such as, insomnia, stress eating, anxiety and depression. Being mindful takes away the feeling of always being burdened in life. Meditation even helps us in our path to success. It’s been proven through various studies done by Harvard Medical School that, meditating causes changes in brain waves that improves in the brain’s functionality.

So close your eyes sit back and relax. Let your troubles go and sink into a few moments of clarity through meditation. Mindfulness is the way to a better life.

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