Mindset Hacks for Pursuing Your Goals. Don't Do these!

Updated: Oct 17

There really is a way to reach your goals which has little to do with technical skills and a whole lot to do with your mindset.

What if you could learn to hack your mind to reach what you want? Without having to do something additional. In fact this requires you to stop doing a few things.

That’s what we’re discussing in this episode- mindset hacks for pursuing your goals, the three things that you should stop doing right now. So stay tuned!

Hi there, welcome back to Up It and the Action-Ables podcast

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These mindset hacks that I’m going to share with you, I first learnt them while I was undergoing my training as a Mindset Coach and I have used them and I continue to use them to date, so they are tried and tested. The only scenario that they don’t work in is if you don’t work them.

Because it’s a rule and not an exception.

Okay so we’re going to do something very practical together. 

It’s a simple thought experiment, so are you ready?

I’d like you to think of four people in your life who are extremely successful in different areas of their life.

First, someone who’s extremely successful in their career.  

Second, somebody who’s happy and successful in their relationships.

Third someone who’s killing it with their health goals 

and fourth is someone who’s extremely good at doing something  like drawing, or music or something creative.

So, what we did here was we thought about four people whom you know who’re extremely successful in what they do.

Now, for the second part of the experiment, we’re going to think of similarities between these four people and yes there’s a huge similarity between them.

There may be a lot of similarities between them such as their likes & dislikes, their personalities and may be even the people you have in common, but the biggest similarity between these four people is the way they think that is their Mindset.

And the crazy bizarre thing is that they may not even be aware that they have this similarity.

Think about it how often do we sit and think about our mindset?

Very rarely right? Instead we are busy planning and devising ways to learn all the technical skills. While those skills are important it helps us only about 20% with what we want to achieve.

So if we learn to primarily understand and develop a mindset that actually helps us to reach our goals, we’re increasing our chances of reaching our goals.

Okay so now that we’ve discussed how critical it is to have the right mindset to pursue goals how do you hack your mindset?

Hack no 1. Is

Stop saying negative stuff to yourself

The words we use for yourself are so important.

So if you’re in the habit of saying things like- “I’m not good enough, I can’t get anything right, I’m a loser, I’m so stupid” Stop saying that right now.

Why because constant repetition of negative stuff will only hamper your confidence and it will not allow you to take the necessary steps towards your goals. So do yourself a favour and stop being mean to yourself.

Like really, stop being mean to yourself. #adoptselflove

Before we move on to hack no. 2 and 3, I’d like to know how you’re working on your mindset. Comment below and let me know.

Hack no. 2 is

Stop focusing on what’s going wrong

What you focus on grows. So guess what happens if you keep focusing on your challenges, yes it grows. It is a choice what you want to focus on. Focus on only things that you can control because there’s no point stressing over things that you have absolutely no control over.

You can either focus on your challenge or you can focus on what you want to do about the challenge, you can’t do both. So choose.

And in my humble opinion I feel focusing on challenges will not get you any results.

And the final hack no 3. is Change your story

We all have stories that we tell ourselves. Things such as this happened in the past so it’ll likely happen again. The thing with experiences is more than our experiences it’s the meaning that we associate with them.

So if you have a story that you constantly keep saying to yourself such as I failed last time so I’m going to fail last time it’s time to change that story and the only person who can do that is you!

So instead of saying I failed and I’m going to fail again you can say what did I learn from that and what could I do better this time? The choice is up to you.

But in order to succeed with anything you’ll have to rewrite and change the story.

If you can’t flip it around, at least be neutral about it, for starters.

Now that we’ve gone through these hacks you can either choose to use them one at a time or all together, but I sincerely hope that you do use them. Because it’s going to help you immensely in developing a mindset, a healthier mindset that is a necessity if you want to reach those life goals.

Now that you know these mindset hacks that can actually help you develop a healthy mindset, what about the steps to reach your goals? So we created a checklist for you which gives you all the critical steps whether it’s a career goal that you’d like to pursue, a hobbies, health or even a relationship goal.

Check that out and download your free copy from the link mentioned in the description below.

Don’t forget what you want matters and it’s really up to you to make it happen. I’ll talk to you soon.

So that’s my time for today, I’ll see you next week.

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