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Updated: May 17

Can you believe just one more week to go for 2019 to end!

I’ve often wondered what is it about this time of the year that people feel compelled to set New Year resolutions. I mean, why not throughout the year. Why right before the obvious 31st Dec?

After reading up on few psychology reports I’m given to understand it has something to do with people feeling hopeful about a new year. Many people look at new years as a fresh opportunity to pursue their goals.

However, in this episode, I wanted to dissuade you from setting a new year resolution. Instead, I wanted to talk to you about why you shouldn’t bother setting one at all! I promise if you do this instead, your chances of getting the results you want are going to be much better than if you were to just set a new year resolution.

So, why do I say don’t set a New Year Resolution. Simply put, resolutions don’t last. In fact there’s enough data to prove that resolutions are broken within less than a month. So it’s really pointless to set one.

But I hear you if you say “No this year, I’m going to do it”, Well, didn’t you say that last year and the year before last. Now, don’t get me wrong I don’t intend to be harsh, just pointing out the fact that saying something is completely different than doing it!

Rather than saying you will do XYZ. What if you took the first step toward doing it?

Yes, if you truly want to loose that weight and get healthy, instead of saying I’ll loose the weight. Before the end of the year, how about sticking to 7 days of healthy eating and exercising instead of saying you want to loose weight?


if you’re trying to give up a habit which doesn’t serve you, for example- smoking. Instead of saying I’ll quit from 1st Jan. How about weaning off tobacco for the next 7 days even though it’ll feel difficult and impossible.


if you’re finally going to look at your expenses and want to save, just for the 7 days how about monitoring and writing down your expenses.

Now of course, taking action for just 7 days before the New Year hardly makes logical sense. But, it’s definitely better than just saying the words.

For a whole week, if you can push yourself to take action toward what you want to accomplish you are laying the foundation for what you’ll carry into the New Year. The foundation that is action! By simply showing up and taking action for 7 days with no excuses, you’ll affirm to yourself that you can do this. This time it’ll be different because this time you are serious and you’ve already started taking action.

Your brain will have an easier time to process that you do want to accomplish XYZ because you’re giving it proof by taking the necessary action.

Instead of using words, use your actions for the next week which will be critical to how you enter a new Year.

So go ahead and try this instead of setting a new year resolution.

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Till next week, remember “What You Want Matters and It’s Up To You to Make It Happen”

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