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You have the power to reach all your goals. The power lies within you.

If you scoffed at this and you said ‘yeah right’, then maybe this episode isn’t for you, or maybe it’s meant especially for you.

So if you want to learn how to reach your life goals by accessing the power that’s within you then stay tunes because in this episode we’re talking about life goals and one key tool that can help you reach your goals.

Hi and welcome back to Up It and the Action-Ables podcast, this is Paden. I’m a performance life coach. For those of you who are new welcome to this channel and for those of you who are returning viewers and listeners thank you for tuning back in.

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Now we’re going to go within.

I came upon this 2019 research which said that participants were given the option to sit with their thoughts for 15 minutes or they could opt to get an quick electric shock, like a minimal amount of electric shock.

Results, most of them chose to get the electric shock. Shocking! I know! As bizarre as that might sound a lot of people have trouble sitting quietly with their thoughts.

And this brings us to sitting quietly with our thoughts, which is popularly called meditation.

In this episode we’re going to discuss meditation can help you with what you’re trying to achieve.

Even though there’s so much science to suggest that meditation can actually help you with your physical and mental well-being, why do most people not practice meditation?

Well could I be these reasons?

I don’t how to meditate

Really in this day and age you have YouTube to teach you how to. So come on this cannot be a reason right?

I cannot sit quietly and not think. Well if you’re a healthy functioning human being then the chances are you cannot turn of this brain. And no meditation is not about controlling you thoughts. In fact it’s just about observing your thoughts.

Is it because you believe you don’t have the time to meditate

Come on, this not having enough time excuse, I’m not even going to talk more about it. Because right now we are at home. So you have all the time. So the time excuse is not going to fly.

Or could it be you don’t know How to get started?

If you said yes to any of these objections, then continue watching or listening because we’re going to jump into the benefits and also how to start your very own meditation practice that works for you!

Did you know

That with regular meditation practice you are less likely to make mistakes. How? Because with regular meditation practice you improve your focus and then guess what you obviously make less mistakes.

You may already know some benefits of meditation, let’s get nerdy and talk some of the different areas of the brain and what happens to them with a regular meditation practice.

First one, meditation improves neuroplasticity. the term neuroplasticity simply means the brains’ ability to change. Scientists agree that meditation is the no 1. brain changer. So if you thought you were born with a fixed potential and there was nothing that you could do, well that’s a lie. Because your brain can change and grow and it is up to you and the no. 1 tool available for doing that is meditation.

Whether it’s the Coronavirus, your relationships, your career or something else that’s got you stressed out, the fear centre of the brain which is the amygdala gets activated. However with a regular meditation practice you can shrink your amygdala and instead activate the prefrontal cortex of your brain which helps you reduce your stress levels dramatically.

Third, if you want to become more smarter and intelligent the part of the brain that you want to activate is the prefrontal cortex. It’s also called as the emperor brain. It’ll help you improve your IQ and make you more smarter which is a good thing!

Fourth, you may have heard that people who use their left side of the brain are more logical and people who use their right side of the brain are more creative. However, scientists have now proven that with meditation it is possible to use your entire brain and not just the left and the right side.

With a regular meditation practice you can create something called a hyper-connected bridge which connects both your left and right hemispheres or the sides of the brain, helping you use your entire brain. So you need not just be a logical person or a creative person, you can be both!

Fifth, I’m sure this has happened to almost every one of us. There are times when you forget someones name or where you’ve kept something. Now that happens because as the brain ages we tend to have something called as the wear and tear of the brain.

With regular meditation practice what happens is you increase the hippocampus area of the brain which is associated with memory and learning. So if you want to improve your memory and learning, it is a no brainer, you may want to consider meditation.

Sixth, when we tend to feel disconnected and lonely, and especially right now it’s more likely what happens to the parietal lobe of our brain is it tends to get overheated.

With regular meditation practice, this overheating of the parietal lobe of our brain can be cooled and reduced and help us to reduce feelings of loneliness, depression even and make us a lot more happier, which a fantastic thing don’t you agree?

Seventh, is if you want to get promoted at work or you want to be generally a well rounded individual and have better human relationships then you need a different kind of intelligence which is called EQ.

Now the part of the brain that is responsible for our EQ is the EQ command centre. How meditation can help us is it increases and improves our EQ making us more loving, compassionate and generous human being.

So by being less stressed out, with improved brain function, you obviously increase your productivity and also in the process you become more loving and compassionate human being. So I’m guessing all these benefits are fantastic to start your own meditation practice.

So now let’s get into how you can start your meditation practice. Ready? It’s going to take couple of steps! So let’s do this.

First step to understand while creating your meditation practice is one size doesn’t fit all so you need to create a practice that works for you. Here are couple of steps to help you get started.

1. Research on YouTube. You can search for something as meditation for beginners and select the one that resonates most with you.

2. I highly recommend starting small. So a 7-10 minutes should be a good starting place. Why, because it’s better to keep it slow, steady and consistent rather than get. overwhelmed.

3. Is the most important step in this process is you can write down how you felt before and after your practice and the last one

4. Is assess see your progress, and see how it feels to actually start meditating and experience the benefits for yourself.

Those were some of the steps to create your own meditation practice.

And really there isn’t one best meditation and even the best way to even practice meditation. It’s all about what works for you.

But one thing that’s consistent is as long as you access this tool which is readily available and it is for free what you’re doing is you are essentially helping to activate the different areas of your brain which can potentially help you move toward whatever it is you want to achieve.

And that is my time for today. If you liked this episode, share it with a friend and I’ll see you next week.

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Till next week, remember what you want matters and it’s up to you to make it happen. Stay healthy, stay safe. I’ll talk to you soon.

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