Prioritise Tasks Effectively to Get Things Done

Updated: Oct 17

If you’re wondering how to go about your priorities. Because how do you know what needs to be done and in which order?

By the end of this video, you’ll know exactly how to prioritise your steps effectively because not everything is important!

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I’ve personally used these steps which has helped me to prioritise my goals, both professional as well as personal ones.

Okay so let’s jump right in. I’m going to assume that you have a goal that you’d like to achieve for yourself. 

You know what steps are going to be needed to be taken and you have your To-Do’s in place. Basically you even have your priorities list.

And while that’s great that you have your priorities in place, figuring out which task needs to get done and what is important and what is urgent can be a challenge in itself. 

With so much to do it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and stressed.

This is the stage where a lot of people give up pursuing their goals not because they didn’t have their priorities in place but simply because they didn’t know how to go about that priorities list.

So obviously we don’t want to face this problem which is why we’re discussing how to prioritise your goals. So stick around. 

Let me quickly warn you about the common objection when it comes to setting priorities is that initially it will take some time. It will take some getting used to however, in the long run you’ll end up saving so much time and also not get overwhelmed and stressed which is such a great thing and which will totally be worth it!

So Step no. 1 is you’re going to write down everything that needs to be done which is a priority. Yes I mean write it down physically, like this. Not think about it but actually write it down.

The second step is you’re going to use a scale of 1-5 and write that number down next to each task. One being the most urgent and has to get done ASAP and 5 not so much. This gives you a structure and puts into perspective what tasks you need to be tackling first.

Before we go ahead and discuss the final step and also a bonus tip, Comment below and let me know how prioritising your goals has actually helped you to get things done. I’d love to know your thoughts!

And now let’s continue.

Step no. 3 is you’re going to take that you’ve numbered 1-3 and you’re only going to concentrate on getting those tasks done first. 

So, if you’ve numbered a task 1,2,3 you’re going to spend your mental faculties and all your energy only in getting those tasks done. 

Give yourself a timeline of a week, 14 days, a month as long as you have to only get those tasks done. 

Once you’ve completed these super urgent tasks then repeat process no. 1 with the remaining set of things you need to do.

This way you save so much time, energy and don’t cause yourself any frustration. 

Because while you have to get everything done on your priorities, you don’t have to get them done all together and get overwhelmed. 

And now for the last Bonus tip. This is something that can really set you up to help you execute on your prioritised tasks.

It is this simple question which is Who Do I Need To Be Today? 

Think about this question at the start of the day. For example, think about who do you need to be? What attributes do you need to have in order to get the things done today?

So for example, do you need to be extra patient to deal with somebody who is difficult. 

Think about who you need to be and create some sort of image of the person you need to be in order to get the things you need to get done.

So here’s the raw truth you cannot achieve your goals with the mindset that you currently have.

You will need to grow and develop certain faculties of your personality, of your mindset in order to do the things that are absolutely necessary and critical for you.

Now you know exactly how to prioritise your tasks effectively but what about the exact steps you need to take in order to reach those goals?

We’ve created a checklist which gives you all the critical steps you need to take in order to start pursuing your goals. 

So whether you want to grow in your career, relationship, health, or even want to start a  hobby for yourself. 

So that’s my time for today, I’ll see you next week.

Don’t forget what you want matters and it’s really up to you to make it happen. I'll talk to you soon:)

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