Make It A Priority To Reach Your Goals

Updated: May 17

You say you want to reach your goals. You think about it. But is it a priority?

We’re addressing one of the major challenges people have when it comes to pursuing their goals.

The classic ‘I want to but I just don’t have the time.” Sound familiar?

Even though you may have heard this before, stick around for a super simple hack you can use to start getting your ducks in a row i.e. prioritising your goals.

Whether it’s getting promoted at work, starting a business, shedding some serious weight and or even waking up early perhaps. No matter what your goal is if you’re not making it a priority in your life, then there can be only two primary reasons for it.

1. You believe you don’t have the time

Of course you have to go to work, take care of family and by the time you return home in the evening you’re exhausted. But thinking you don’t have enough time to pursue your goals sounds more of an excuse than a reason.

Think about it. Every single person has the same amount of time. And yet some people do it all. Go to work, take care of family, and find the time to pursue their personal goals. It’s not like they have additional couple of hours handed to them. How do they do it? They manage their time better by prioritising what they have to do!

2. You only think that this goal is important for you.

Okay, time some harsh truth. Does this goal really matter to you? If yes then you would do everything within your power to achieve it, right? So ask yourself is it only the the idea of achieving this goal that seems attractive to you or do you genuinely want to achieve it. Honestly either one is okay, as long as it is what you want.

After discussing the two main reasons for not pursuing you goals. The next obvious question is How do you prioritise?

The only way to do is by being Honest about what you want to achieve

Do you really really want to achieve your goal? Get real with yourself. If you do want to achieve it, it’ll cost you. Not just in money, but in your attitude and even lifestyle choices. So unless you want to pay up, that goal is only actually going to be a feel good thing that you like to think about it. And that’s okay. But Just don’t expect to reach it. Be brutally honest with yourself.

Think about it in romantic terms. If you say you love someone and want to settle down with them eventually, but everyday you ignore them and are not sensitive to their needs. What’s going to happen? Will they stick around? Of course not! After they walk away from you no amount of feeling bad is going is going to make them come back to you.

Similarly, unless you work on your goals they won’t be realised. No amount of feeling bad about it is going to make it happen. So. Decide. In or Out?

If you said Middle, then it’s time to make a move either towards your goals or give up thinking about it completely. There’s no shame in realising that a goal can just be a fantasy. But be honest with yourself.

If you want something, make the time for it. Make it a priority to take action towards your goals every single day. It doesn’t matter how small that action may seem. But take those steps.

Now, let’s talk about how to make it a priority to pursue you goals.

Step 1: Decide if a particular goal is indeed what you want. This is the being honest with yourself part we just spoke about .

Step 2: If it is indeed what you want, fix a time for it. Now the reason this is important is because once you fit a time for it, the chances of it becoming a habit is faster and less tempting for you to not follow through.

For example: If you want to hit the gym, fix a non-negotiable time for it. And move everything else around to keep up your commitment to this fixed time. Treat it with serious commitment.

Step 3: See the progress you make in a month by sticking to step 2 and then repeat! Once you form a habit to prioritise your goals, taking action toward it becomes much simpler. When you’re trying to form a positive habit, it’s only the initial few days where you’ll feel like it’s a challenge. Once you get past that I promise you it gets better.

So what say ready to prioritise and pursue your goals?

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