Purpose in life

Updated: May 17

In my coaching profession, I’ve heard these three words countless number of times. However, in my opinion, these three words are overrated. What are these three words? They are- ‘purpose in life’

The notion that you have to discover and do something big, unique and life altering, only then you’re allowed to feel satisfied with yourself is a dangerous notion. Why because the pressure it brings is both insane and unnecessary.

Let’s take a look at why do I say it’s overrated and what you can do instead?

It feels like there’s an epidemic out there especially among Millennials. There seems to be an unsaid pressure to find the next big idea/ invention. Only when you do this can you truly feel meaningful in life, right? Well, a hell NO!

This pressure of trying to find your purpose maybe overhyped and portrayed beautifully in movies and TV shows. It’s an inspired idea if everyone were able to both recognise and work on social causes such as hunger, poverty, global warming and the like. But the reality, is that not everyone is either inspired or cut out to work for such noble and pressing problems.

Well, then if this is the case then aren’t these people lacking purpose in their lives?

Of course not!

Let me give you can example, one of my first ever coaching clients, let’s call her Sam, worked in an IT company and was doing well for herself. She was married and had a kid. And even though her career and family life seemed to be on track, when she sought coaching, she was consumed with the idea of finding more meaning and purpose for herself. She felt something was missing.

By applying coaching tools we were able to work together and she realised that what she really wanted to do was pursue her love for singing specifically, her love for Carnatic music. She decided to devote more time to that and plan an exit strategy from her IT profession. Overall result: She realised, she felt more driven as a human being, mother and partner all because she took the time to be honest about what she really wanted to do in her life which was pursue her love for music.

So the message I wanted to share with you is you don’t need to discover, or do something life altering to enjoy a deep sense of meaning in your life. You don’t need to chase the romanticised idea that you have to go and work on a noble cause to experience meaning in life.

Here’s what you can do instead.

Just like I coached Sam, I ask you to take a look at your life. Are there things you know you want to do, deep down we all do. Is there a skill you want to learn or develop, maybe work on a better loving relationship or even be a better member of your community. Whatever you really want to do, it’s critical to go ahead do it with give your best!

Show up as your best self whether it’s at work, in your relationship and or even as a better citizen. You doing your best with the best intentions is much better than pursuing this far off notion of trying to find purpose in your life. And if you recognise that working on noble causes is indeed your calling go ahead and do that!

To quote George Bernad Shaw “Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself”

So go ahead and create your best self!

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I’d like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

I’ll see you next Thursday which is the first Thursday of a brand new year.

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