Stop Waiting for the Perfect Time

Updated: Oct 17

Undoubtedly this COVID 19 situation has impacted the lives of every single one of us. So are you waiting for the right time to start pursuing your life goals?

This idea that there’s a perfect time to pursue one’s life goals, is simply a fascinating story that many people tell themselves. In this episode, let’s debunk this myth that there is perfect time to start moving toward your life goals.

Hi and welcome to Up It and the Action-Ables podcast. My name’s Paden. I’m a performance life coach and the CEO of Up It.

It’s been almost two months since we were thrust into living in this new way. A lot of us are still be grappling with this new way of working and living and chances are there’s no going back to the life we knew it. Instead, we may have to accept the fact that lockdowns may become a part of our lives, and wearing masks, gloves and practicing social distancing is the new normal.

In this new way of living, it’s natural to feel that the time isn’t right to pursue your goals. But there’ll never be a right time to start moving toward your goals. There will always be something holding you back. Your own mind may tell you that you aren’t ready to launch that business, write that blog, start a new career, get out an existing relationship etc. There is no such thing as the right time, only what feels right to you.

This idea may sound super simple and yet it’s one of the most profound reasons why some people don’t even start to pursue what they truly want.

So in this episode I want to make it extremely simple and give you the steps to move toward your goals instead of just waiting for the right time. So let’s get into it.

Step No. 1. Make a List

Every single reason you believe is holding you back from starting. Put that down on a piece of paper. There may be several reasons and one of them may be that this isn’t the right time.

Next to it write down when will it be the right time according to you. Write down what is your version, when you have enough money, when you have enough skills list that down too.

The reason we’re doing this is because you’ll soon realise that what you’re waiting for may or may not happen but one thing that is 100% completely upto you is to start toward your goals. That’s the only thing that you have 100% control over.

No 2. Does it really Matter?

Do you really believe in what you’re trying to pursue? Because the reason you haven’t started already can be two. A. You may really not want to achieve this but you only think that you do and B. You’re simply buying more time because you’re scared of failure.

Now, if it’s the former then drop that expectation of yourself. If you really don’t want to truly pursue something then you don’t have to.

Don’t buy into someone else’s idea of what your goals should look like. B. If you’re scared of failing remember, that by not starting to pursue your goals you’re failing 100%. So rather increase your odds by pursuing what you truly want.

No 3. Look at your Actions

It’s time to face the mirror. If you want to achieve something, look at your corresponding actions. Are your actions lining up with what you truly want to achieve?

For example: If you want to launch that business, have you worked out a business plan? If you want to write a book, are you writing several pages everyday. If you want to get fit, are you eating healthy and exercising regularly?

So take a closer look at your actions with what you want to achieve. They’ve got to be in line. Both what you want to achieve and your actions have to line up. Because you can have amazing ideas but if you’re not taking concrete action you’re never going to move toward your goals.

No 4. Help yourself to be Consistent

Taking action obviously isn’t enough. It’s about taking consistent action, to show up and do the work every single day without excuses. The way you do this by building empowering habits and breaking the habits that don’t serve you. Of course this isn’t easy but one way you can help yourself stay consistent is to set a time for yourself to do a particular activity.

Now the way you do this for example if you’re trying to get healthy, having unhealthy snacks in your pantry doesn’t serve you. If you want to wake up early in the morning watching movies late into the night isn’t going to help you. So you got to decide what are certain things you can do to help yourself stay consistent to take action everyday.

No 5. Take better Care of yourself

Besides the obvious healthy safety measures we need to take right now, invest in yourself emotionally, physically and even spiritually. Life is made up of so many different areas how about choosing to grow and taking care of yourself in every area of your life irrespective of the goal that you want to achieve.

Taking care of yourself is an integral part when it comes to achieving your goals because unless you are physically fit, emotionally driven and even spiritually aware you’re making this journey of reaching your goals a lot more harder than it needs to be and why would you do that to yourself?

And the last one is Have Fun While At it

I don’t know why there’s a negative association with pursuing goals. Like why does it have to be so gloomy. Why don’t we change our perspective from “I have to do XYZ to I Want to do XYZ things to reach my goals. It makes a phenomenal difference when you’re faced with a challenge. When you have a perspective of “I want to do this in order to reach my goals instead of “I have to do this in order to reach my goals”

Who says you cannot have fun while trying to pursue your goals. Think about it, if you’re not going to enjoy yourself while you’re trying to achieve something what’s the point in even trying to pursue that in the first place? It’s about having fun while you’re on this journey, it’s not so much about the destination but truly about the journey.

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Till next week, remember what you want matters and it’s up to you to make it happen. Stay safe and healthy, I’ll talk to you soon!

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